GI Joe #1 Launch Party with FRED VAN LENTE and LARRY HAMA * Saturday, February 16th, 2013! Special Guest: MARK BELLOMO! Yo Joe!

***UPDATE: The Launch Party was amazing!***

We couldn’t have hoped for a better day than last Saturday! The shop was packed as soon as we opened, with some fans came to their first signing event, some came from EIGHT HOURS away, and all were kind to our guests.

Comics Table

Tunnel Rat Guarding the Books





Fred Van Lente and Larry Hama arrived almost an hour prior to the 12pm signing and got right down to business. They started signing right away and didn’t stop until almost an hour after the set end time!

                 A long line!Larry Hama

Mark Bellomo and his books were a huge hit! We’ve got a few copies of each back in stock for those who missed it. I’ve been reliving childhood each night by reading a year at a time from Totally Tubular 80’s Toys.

Smoke and his costuming group added authenticity to the day with their accurate replica costumes and real-life military background. Together Brother Productions‘ live-action film The Joe Files kept the crowds content while waiting in line. Keep watch for more fan films and appearances by the group!
Stalker and Tunnel Rat                  Firefly and Cobra Commander

Two femme fatales slithered through the shop all day:
the Baroness (Penelope), co-owner of Farpoint Toys and Collectibles, and Empress Serpentor, Gina,
with her handmade costume!

                              Empress Serpentor                            Stalker and Baroness

    A few lucky raffle winners took home signed copies of each guest’s books, GI Joe action figures, GI Joe movie tickets, sweet lithographs, and more!  Thanks to IDW Publishing and Penn Cinema Riverfront for donating to the cause!    The raffles and generous donations raised several hundred dollars for the Wounded Warriors Project.

GI Joe Grab Box Winner!

THANK YOU to all the fans, friends, cosplayers, and guests!




Kick Off New GI JOE Series

Saturday, February 16th

at The Comic Book Shop

with special guest MARK BELLOMO!


***The Real American Heroes are beginning a new era with a new ongoing series from IDW Publishing and we couldn’t be more excited!***

  • Writer FRED VAN LENTE (Marvel Zombies) will be at our shop to showcase his new direction for the team, whose secret identities have  been exposed!

  • GI JOE LEGEND LARRY HAMA, character creator and writer of the original comic book series will be joining us for this historic day!


Rally the troops for a day of GI Joe!

Meet the creators! Buy their comics! Have them sign them!

**Signing from 12p – 4p**

  • GI Joe Goody Bags for the first 25 fans in line!

  • SALE on GI Joe Comics & New and Vintage Action Figures!

  • SALE on ALL Fred Van Lente and Larry Hama Graphic Novels & Back Issue Comics!

  • GI Joe Costume Contest – 3pm!

  • Debut of the fan film “The Joe Files” at 11:30am!

  • Raffles for GI Joe Comics and Toys!

*GET one Raffle Ticket with EACH purchase of GI Joe #1!

*BUY MORE Raffle Tickets for $2 each! 

  1. GI Joe Grab Box! GI Joe #1 Variant Cover, GI Joe Treasury Edition, 2 passes to GI Joe: Retaliation at Penn Cinema Riverfront, GI Joe Action Figures!
  2. GI Joe Comics Grab Box!  GI Joe #1  Variant Cover, GI Joe Treasury Edition, GI Joe: Origins, and More!
  3. Fred Van Lente Prize Pack!  Comic Book History of Comics, Action Philosophers!, Hulk: Season One, Archer & Armstrong #1!
  4. Mark Bellomo Prize Pack!  Totally Tubular 80s Toys, Ultimate Guide to GI Joe: 1982-1994!

***All proceeds from the raffles PLUS a portion of the day’s sales will be donated to WOUNDED WARRIORS PROJECT!***



VAN LENTE is bringing our favorite elite fighting force into modern situations – and on US soil – including new characters which reflect updated tech and current environments that our real life soldiers face every day.

The flagship series will be drawn dark and moody by Van Lente’s long-time collaborator STEVE KURTH  (Iron Man: Legacy.)

You may know FRED VAN LENTE from Valiant Entertainment’s relaunch of ARCHER & ARMSTRONG, HULK: SEASON ONE, and indie favorite ACTION PHILOSOPHERS. He also wrote the graphic novel Odd is On Our Side with Dean Koontz.

LARRY HAMA is currently writing GI Joe: Real American Hero, reprising the title for which he is best known. He wrote and edited for several other publishers including Wolverine and The Nam for Marvel and created his own space-faring superhero, Bucky O’Hare.


 COBRA has overtaken the printing base and disrupted production of GI JOE #1! You will hear that the release date has been pushed back a week, but that’s not stopping us! The clever folks at IDW PUBLISHING had dispatched a team to monitor the base and they have recovered enough copies JUST FOR US!

The Comic Book Shop will be THE ONLY SHOP to have GI JOE #1 ahead of schedule!




The launch was a success!

The guests! Each was a good sport and gentleman, keeping the lines moving quickly
but still making time to speak with each customer individually.

Even though he had a long bout with a nasty flu Mr. Hama was full of smiles all day as he
signed prized copies of his GI Joe and Wolverine books, regaled us with stories, and took photos with anyone who asked.