YTLM Meet-Up * Y: The Last Man ENTIRE SERIES Book Club! Saturday 6.17.17, 6p-8p

It’s a very special Book Club!

*Saturday 6.17.17 at 6pm*


Because it’s SO DANG GOOD, we’re reading & discussing
the entire sixty-issue Y: The Last Man series!!


This is the saga of Yorick Brown: the only human survivor of a planet-wide plague
that instantly kills every mammal possessing a Y chromosome.
Accompanied by a mysterious government agent, a brilliant young geneticist and his pet monkey, Ampersand, Yorick travels the world in search of his lost love and the answer
to why he’s the last man on earth.
Y: THE LAST MAN, winner of three Eisner Awards and one of the most critically acclaimed, best-selling comic books series of the last decade, is that rare example of a page-turner that is at once humorous, socially relevant and endlessly surprising.


Written by Brian K. Vaughan (LOST, PRIDE OF BAGHDAD, EX MACHINA,
oh and also SAGA and PAPER GIRLS) and with art by Pia Guerra.


Vertigo’s ‘Last (Wo)Man’ Standing: Pia Guerra Talks About
Hit Series ‘Y’

artist Pia Guerra

writer Brian K Vaughan aka BKV