Why I’m Excited for Twelve Reasons to Die


Did any of you see The Man With the Iron Fists? No? (if yes: wasn’t it fantastic!?)

May I ask why? Is it because you don’t like Kung Fu movies? That’s acceptable; but sort of a fail on my “will we be friends” checklist.

Or, is it because it was written/directed/produced by the RZA, Wu Tang Clan member, gifted hip hop producer and noted idiot? That’s where I’ll have to take umbrage.

Go into your jaded minds and look back into your childhood.  Remember how happy you felt before work and school and familial obligation crushed your spirit and turned you into the soulless blog-reading husk you are today? Do you remember the moment you discovered comics? In my case, it was standing at a flea market with a single, beat up issue of Claremont’s Uncanny X-Men, which made zero sense to me with no prior knowledge of the plot. But the costumes! The action! The awesome ladies that could bend the weather and the super cool blue demons that could teleport with a cartoony “BAMF!” Can you remember that moment for yourself?

Yeah? Well, the RZA is living that moment every day.


His weird little forays into Kung Fu action are filled with the sort of unpretentious, unbridled joy for the medium that you rarely see in this day and age. There are good guys and bad guys. There’s two-fisted action and giant explosions and the kind of thing that makes your inner child shriek with joy. You know, if your inner child listened to Enter the Wu Tang : 36 Chambers and cursed like a sailor.

Twelve Reasons to Die is a multimedia project “produced” by the RZA and starring fellow Wu member Ghostface Killah. There will be a studio album to accompany the comic series, which features art from a variety of great artists including Ron Wimberly.  The series is being co-created by Ghostface with Adrian Younge, who created the vaguely postmodern 2009 film Black Dynamite. It’s a safe bet to say that fans of Quentin Tarantino will want to read this book.

Is it goofy? You bet it is. It’s downright ridiculous. But will be a ton of fun? I’m certain.