What We Did: 2014!

Here’s a review of 2014’s big events, guests, and celebrations!

The Danger Room!

Duffy Martinez Doors

For the second time in four years we expanded The Shop! We took over the vacant storefront adjacent to use to use as a multipurpose room for gaming tournaments, signings, and community gatherings. This new space also allows us to more efficiently process collection purchases and large orders.

From time to time we’ll open the Danger Room for shopping Dollar Comics, discounted toys, and other collectibles that don’t have a home in the shop proper.

The double doors to the room, painstakingly painted as the gates to the X-Mansion, opened on the first day of Free Comic Book Day Weekend in one of our proudest moments to date.

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Monthly Events: Comics Ruckus, Kids’ Club,

Ladies’ Night, and Book Club!


Comics Ruckus: First Wednesdays from 5p-8p

Get the scoop on upcoming releases, industry news, what you should be reading, and more!



Kids’ Club: Second Thursdays from 4p-6p,
for Kids age 7-12 with Adult

We know being a nerdy kid can be hard so we’ve created a time for kids to meet and share their interests with other nerdy kids. We help them figure out what they like and why; We practice and reinforce good manners; We let each kid share their own stories and characters they’ve created and we all give them constructive feedback.

10.9.14 – Kids’ Club Special Guests: Video Game Designers from Zenimax Online

Mandi, Chris, and Philip explained the various jobs and skills needed to create a video game, shared their experiences getting into the video game industry, provided numerous resources for parents, and taught the kids how to make their own games using only pen and paper.



Ladies’ Night: Third Thursdays from 7p-10p, for Ladies age 16+

Comics, books, manga, video games, TV and movies, industry news, women’s rights and social equality, and all other geeky topics are open for discussion!

Ladies’ Night Book Club: We vote on a book, read it, and discuss it!
The Book Club Book is 25% off all month!

11.1.14 – First Ever Ladies’ Night Party! Super fun fancy hangout time!

Goody bags from local lady business owners, Customize Your Comic Box, and Free Swap!



Book Club: Fourth Thursdays from 7p-8p, for Readers age 14+

The group picks a book, we read it, then discuss it at Book Club! We rotate among Big Two publishers and indie books, complete stories and ongoing series. The Book Club Book is 25% off all month!

o 1.30.14 – Book Club First Meeting: Planet Hulk by Greg Pak.
o 2.20.14 – Gotham Central Book One: In the Line of Duty by Brubaker, Rucka,&Lark.
o 3.20.14 – Chew Vol 1: Taster’s Choice by John Layman & Rob Guillory.
o 4.24.14 – Winter Soldier: Ultimate Collection by Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting.
o 5.29.14 – I Kill Giants by Joe Kelly & JM Nimura.
o 6.26.14 – Bone Vol 1: Out From Boneville by Jeff Smith.
o 7.24.14 – Kingdome Come by Mark Waid and Alex Ross.
o 8.21.14 – Guardians of the Galaxy Complete by Abnett & Lanning.
o 9.25.14 – Saga of the Swamp Thing Vol 1 by Alan Moore & Stephen Bissette.
o 10.23.14 – Locke & Key Vol 1: Welcome to Lovecraft by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez.
o 11.24.14 – Wolverine: Old Man Logan by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven.
o 12.23.14 – Batman: Year One by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli.



Creator Signings & Special Guests!

• 2.6.14 – Greg Pak, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter #1 Launch Party and Adam Warrock & Tribe One
Hip-Hop Show!
• 3.14.14 – First Ever Ladies’ Night! Special Guests: Amy Chu and Erica Schultz!
• 4.23.14 – Fred Van Lente, Conan: the Avenger #1 Launch Party!
• 5.3.14 – Free Comic Book Day Weekend Day 1! – Bob Petrecca, Alitha Martinez, Dawn Griffin, Eric Grissom, Amy Chu, Erica Schultz, Claire Connelly, Paige Connelly, Louie Chin, Phil Chan, and Luke Petrecca.
• 5.4.14 – Free Comic Book Day Weekend Day 2! – Buz Hasson, Dawn Griffin, Phil Chan, with Vader’s 501st Legion Garrison Carida and Brandywine Hundred Library.
• 5.17.14 – Matthew Roberts, Artist of Manifest Destiny!
• 5.30.14 – Ladies’ Night Special Guests: Dawn Griffin, Claire Connelly, Paige Connelly!
• 5.31.14 – Joe Kelly, Man of Action! and Adam Warrock Hip-Hop Show After!
• 7.13.14 – Kate Leth of Adventure Time: Seeing Red!
• 8.314.14 – Kids’ Club Special Guest: Creator Mark Poulton of A Cat Named Haiku! Reading of A Cat Named Haiku and special craft.
• 9.13.14 – Erica Schultz of Revenge: Secret Origin of Emily Thorne!
• 9.18.14 – Ladies’ Night Special Guest: Molly Mahan, Editor at Dynamite Publishing!
• 10.9.14 – Kids’ Club Special Guests: Video Game Designers from Zenimax Online, Mandi, Chris, & Philip!
• 10.18.14 – All Ages Extravaganza with Franco of Tiny Titans, Chris Giarrusso of G-Man, & Greg Schiegel of Spongebob PLUS Beginners Art Class!
• 11.13.14 – Valiant Comics Special Appearance!
• 11.22.14 – Frank Barbiere of Five Ghosts with Matt Rosenberg of Twelve Reasons to Die!
• 11.28.14 – Matt Miner & Sean Von Gorman Toe Tag Riot #1 Launch Party!


Shop Events!

Hellboy Day, Saturday, March 22nd – Celebrate Hellboy’s 20th Anniversary! Hellboy comics and giveaways! Check out our Hellboy cosplay and Hellboy collectible items!

Batman Day, Wednesday, July 23rd – Celebrate Batman’s 75th Anniversary! Special Edition Detective Comics #27 and Batman 75th Anniversary Masks Giveaways! Batman Raffle Box!

Doctor Who Day, Saturday, July 26th – Celebrate two new Doctor Who ongoing series from Titan Comics! Silence Scavenger Hunt! Timey-Wimey Grab Box! Doctor Who Trivia! Get your picture coming out of the TARDIS!

Notable Community Contributions!

Insta-Con! Pop-Up Pop Culture Convention at Bayard Taylor Memorial Library, Saturday, July 12th – When the BTML Teens of Kennett Square, PA decided to put on a comic book/nerd culture convention they asked if we would lend our experience and support. We couldn’t say no!
Eager to support the library and help kids get experience running an event, we provided guidance and suggestions for preparations and programming and how to maximize community support. The kids focused on a few points of interest to focus on and guided the crowds through the library. We booked creators and vendors, recruited guests to speak on a few panels, organized tabletop gaming demos, created website pages for the convention, guests, & area points of interest, donated door prize grab boxes, and brought an complete comic-convention booth setup to the Little Convention That Could.

Maple Lane Elementary Mother-Son Superhero Dance, October 24th – Donated hundreds of comics, buttons, and posters as giveaways for the dance!

Brandywine Zoo Star Wars Day – Donated raffle Grab Box of Star Wars and animal-themed comics & toys for the whole family!



The Valiant Comics crew stopped by to check out our shop and brought tons of giveaways for everyone. Then they were kind enough to print a swell article about us in the back of their books!