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Never GET a bad present again with our WISH LIST!

We’ll help you friends and family shop for you!

Just tell us all the things we have that you wish you could buy for yourself.
Then, just send your friends, family, and co-workers here!
Don’t want to splurge for a statue? Really like that Deluxe Hardcover Edition?

Put it on your list!

Our inventory changes quickly, so be sure to list several choices and to
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Never GIVE a bad present again with our WISH LIST!

Do you know someone who likes “all this stuff” but you’re not sure
what they already have? Collectors can be SO PICKY!

Let them know we’ll keep a list of what they like and then you can to get them what they actually want! No more sweaters (unless you’re into that)!

Our Wish List is just one way we strive to make enjoying comics easier. Got a good idea to help get more people reading? Let us hear it.