*SALE* Wednesday July 4th 25% Off! BBQ Potluck 12p-2p!

Wednesday July 4th Party & Storewide SALE 10a-8p!

Potluck BBQ 12p-2p

There are some VERY Special comics coming out – Come celebrate with us!

***Save 25% OFF Storewide***

Graphic Novels – Statues – Action Figures – Poster – Art Books – Gaming & Supplies – Comic Supplies – Key Issues – & More!


*****Save 50% OFF Back Issues & Silver Age Comics in Bins*****


  • *Captain America #1 by TaNehisi Coates & Leinil Francis Yu

  • *Batman & Catwoman Wedding!! by Tom King and tons of great artists!

  • *Catwoman #1 – Story & Art by Joëlle Jones!! Monthly!


***** We’re also having a BBQ Potluck from 12p-2p! *****

Since it’s a mid-week holiday, we have no idea how busy this day is going to be.
Feel free to bring some grillables or a few bucks so we can get more supplies!
Joe & Joaquin will start off grilling some stuff, Laura & Sarah & Meg will makes some sides, but you never know how fast it will go!