We Liked It! First Best Reads of 7.8.15

Saga #30

Tuesday Night Comics Homework

Every week Sarah & Titus pull about three dozen comics to read so we know what’s happening in all the different titles, genres, and crossover events. We do this so we can make good suggestions for you or fill you in on what’s happening, or sometimes just because we really like them! Of all we’ve read so far, these are the books we’re still most excited about, so give one a try, will you?

We Liked It!  First Best Reads of 7.8.15


  • Archie #1, Archie ComicsMark Waid & Fiona Staples bring classic Riverdale to modern times in this wonderful brand-new series!  Sure, everything Mark Waid does is solid and there aren’t enough words to properly describe Fiona Staples, but I really wasn’t prepared for how good this book is!  ~saRah

  • Strange Fruit #1, Boom!JG Jones asked Mark Waid to write this historical-fiction / science-fiction story of the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927, a tale of racism, cultural legacy, and human nature. Worth it just for the stunning, thoughtful painted art by JG Jones. Read the DE Online interview for background.

  • Starve #2 (MR), Image – The scathing look at foodie culture and celebrity chef fandom continues. Think Anthony Bourdain in a Transmet world.  Brian Wood, Danijel Zezelj, Dave Stewart.


  • Batman (2011-) #42, DC – Thank you, Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo for giving us a brand-new Batman in a very cool and very Batman way. As we’ve said since #1 – Read This Batman Book!

  • Batman/Superman (2013-) #22, DC – Thank you, Greg Pak for writing this partner book to Batman (and also your Action Comics!!) The new Batman tries to figure out if Superman is a good guy or bad guy while a power-depleted Superman gauges this new Batman, deciding if he’s worthy of the title.  Art by Ardian Syaf.

  • 1872 #1, Marvel – It’s Marvel in The Old West. Steve Rogers is sheriff. Wilson Fisk owns the casino and the gangs. Tony Stark is drunk. Trouble brews and the man with the star on his chest must uphold the law in the town of Timely.  >Although it’s a Secret Wars story, there’s very little Secret Wars-ness!  Excellent alternate history by Gerry Dugan and Doc Shaner.

  • Civil War #1, Marvel – Also a Secret Wars story that very limited on God Doom’s quilt-world! In this patch of multiverse the Civil War never ended. It’s six years later, sides of the great superhero registration debate are literally chosen, and Steve Rogers and Tony Stark finally meet to make peace. Everything goes smoothly and they hug and have a milkshake.  Charles Soule & Leinil Francis Yu.


  • The Walking Dead #144 (MR), Image – The final issue of the third compendium. Bad stuff happens.  Robert Kirkman & Charlie Adlard.

  • Saga #30 (MR), Image – The final issue of the fifth story arc.  Ugh.  Pick this book up by the issue and read the letters columns!!  Fiona Staples & Brian K. Vaughn.


  • Spider-island #1, Marvel – Do you like Spider-Man and spider-related disasters? Do you want to see your favorite heroes and villains as spider-people? Read this for good, fun, traditional superhero comics, with spiders!  Christos N. Gage, Paco Diaz.

stack 7.8.15

Stack 7.8.15