We Liked It! Best Reads of 8.19.15

rat queens #11

Every week Sarah & Titus pull about three dozen comics to read so we know what’s happening in all the different titles, genres, and crossover events. We do this so we can make good suggestions for you or fill you in on what’s happening, or sometimes just because we really like them! Of all we’ve read so far, these are the books we’re still most excited about, so give one a try, will you?

We Liked It! Top Picks of 8.19.15

* Reliable Reads *

  • Archie #2, Archie Comics – A perfect balance of classic Archie and modern era from Mark Waid & Fiona Staples. If you know anyone who loved Archie, this is for them! If you’ve never read Archie but enjoy slice-of-life / young adult angst-romance-comedy, this is for you!

  • Princeless Raven Pirate Princess #2, Action Lab -What’s a pirate girl to do when her brothers steal her inheritance of the pirate fleet? She’s going to get a crew and steal it back! Thankfully there’s a Brienne-of-Tarth type warrior who will help her on her way.  *This is a really fun comic that is not just for little girls!  It’s for EVERYBODY!!*

  • Rat Queens #11 (MR), Image – Continuing on the warrior women theme, RAT QUEENS is back in stride with new artists TESS FOWLER!  Each of the Queens is lovingly rendered with her own unique personality shining through the no-nonsense mentality of these mercenary mavens.

  • Star Wars (2015-) #8, Marvel – New artists STUART IMMONEN captures the actors expressions flawlessly! Han, Leia, and Han’s… ex-wife?!?

*New Series Favorites!*

  • Welcome Back #1, Boom –  Christopher Sebela. Reincarnated assassins who are forever fighting, killing, and loving each other throughout endless lives is another reason why.**  Mali and Tessa have lived hundreds of different lives throughout time, caught up in an eternal cycle as they take part in a war so old that neither side remembers what they’re fighting for anymore. As Mali wakes up in her newest life, she suddenly becomes self-aware and starts to question everything, especially why she continues to fight. But elsewhere, Tessa is already on the hunt…

  • Young Terrorists #1 (MR), Black Mask – Matt Pizzolo What if ‘The Smoking Man’ from The X-Files were a real person, and his daughter found out what he did for a living? The daughter of an assassinated globalist kingpin breaks out of an internment camp and leads her fellow escaped prisoners in a battle against an elitist conspiracy of shadow governments, megabanks, and military juntas in this edgy and subversive sci-fi thriller.  **   Young Terrorists continues the legacy of DMZ and The Invisibles as it manically rips the scab off life under the new world order and revels in the pus underneath.