Tuesday ReviewsDay 4.3.12 by Sarah

Week One Has Begun!

We hit the ground running with our First Day at our new shop and our Second Anniversary as owners on Sunday. Monday got us a little caught up on rest and comics and I’m glad to be back!

Issues #1

  • Avengers VS X-Men #0 – The Scarlet Witch nearly wiped out the mutant race. Hope is to be the mutant messiah. Bendis and Jason Aaron bring humanity to the two most powerful mutants, neither of whom is in total control of herself.
  • New Deadwardians #1/8 – London, 1910. The upper class has chosen to become vampires to escape the lower class who have become zombies.

Point One

  • Avengers #24.1 – The Vision confronts his wife and her father for the first time since his body was destroyed during Wanda’s descent into madness.

Ongoing Titles

  • Avenging Spider-Man #5 – The title page alone made Titus’ day! My Pick of the Week!
  • Daredevil #10 – Continually one of the highest acclaimed books on the shelf and one of the coolest covers* in a long time.  *Thanks, Paulo Rivera!
  • Walking Dead #95 – Larger World Part 3 – The gang finds Jesus’ camp but Rick is still uneasy. Do you blame him?
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #8 – The brothers’ home is overrun with chomping mouser-bots, Splinter is rat-napped, and April gets a surprise. If you’re not reading this you should be.
  • FF #16 – The world has been saved, clean-up has begun, and a little girl is about to get into more trouble.
  • Mighty Thor #12 – Thor VS Tanarus and the All-Mothers kick some butt.

DC New 52 #7 – In Reading Order

  • Aquaman – Who are all these new people?
  • I, Vampire – Can’t read this until I read Justice League Dark!
  • Justice League Dark – How does magic have to do with vampires?
  • Teen Titans – Solid story, every time.

Collections / Graphic Novels

  • Garbage Pail Kids HC – 206 classic cards, 4 new cards, classic packaging dust jacket. And gross.
  • Gone to Amerikay HC – Three intertwined, century-spanning tales of Irish emigrees to New York City.
  • Rachel Rising Vol 1 TP – Rachel is dead and keeps dying and a creepy lady is involved somehow. Terry Moore, say no more!
  • Secret Warriors Vol 6 TP Wheels Within Wheels – The final volume of Hickman’s masterwork following Nick Fury’s team of untrained super-teenagers. I’ve already read this series a few times and will read it a few more this year.


  • Previews April 2012 – All the comics, toys, and more for the coming two+ months. New titles, creator changes, sneak peaks, reorder options, special order options. Let us know what you want and we’ll get it for you!

Titus’ Additional

  • Uncanny X-Force #23 – The trial of Fantomex concludes!
  • Ultimate Ultimates #8