Tuesday ReviewsDay! 4.10.12 By Sarah

Down and Dirty:

  • Daredevil #10.1: A proper Point One: Background info on the main and supporting characters, recap of what’s currently happening, and a lead in for what’s next. Or you could also buy it for the cover alone.
  • Fairest #2: Aladdin woke Sleeping Beauty with true love’s kiss and the know-it-all genie just won’t bugger off.
  • Fatale #4: Keeps getting better. The essay at the end of every issue invites you to continue the pleasure of the story by keeping you in the world a little longer.
  • Joe Golem & the Drowning City III HC: I was sold when I saw the cover. I was sold when I read, “Illustrated novel…creator of Hellboy…100 illustrations.” Then I read the rest of the solicitation. I need to read this NOW.
  • Men of War #8: I enjoyed the first seven issues of this relaunch because they were in a world almost completely absent of traditional superheroes. With this issue Jeff Lemire deftly brings Frankenstein to the series and sweeps another title into his fold.
  • Whispers #2: The Luna Brothers have a unique style to their works which is clear in this, Joshua’s first solo work, but there’s also something distinctly different here. And very, very good. My Pick of the Week!

See you next week!  ~SaRah!