Tuesday ReviewsDay 3.27.12 by Sarah

This week  is unlike any other. 

Although it is an exciting experience moving The Shop has left little time for anything else and my weekly comics have been knocked out of priority. I know. Take a moment. I can’t believe it either. So when faced with a stack of 25+ books from, for clarity’s sake, 3.21, still to read the night before books from 3.28 come home, I took a hard look at which comics I’m reading and why.

Here’s what’s in my stack:

Issues #1

  • Hoax Hunters #0 – The first and only book I read from Tuesday of 3.21 until Friday. (Friday!) I chose wisely.
  • Rebel Blood – Sold out at Image days ago. Looks pretty creepy.
  • Super Crooks – Mark Millar and Lenil Yu.  Come on.
  • John Carter: Gods of Mars Part 1/5 – Sam Humphries and Ramon Perez. COME ON! All ages.
  • Rocketeer Adventures 2 – Anthology by the best in the biz. If you love comics and pinup girls you need to read this.  (*Dang, I did Not read the solicit before I chose my quick alliteration and I’m not taking it back.)
  • Ragemoore – A living castle, as drawn by Roger Corben.
  • Smoke and Mirrors – The solicitation says Locke & Key and Memorial so I’m in.
  • Dominique Laveau Voodoo Child – New Orleans. Supernatural. I’m in.

    Issues #2

Ongoing Titles

  • Goon #38 – The second book I read, because it’s easy and fun and gorgeous. Goon’s aunt!
  • Memorial #4 – Bizarre and wondrous. Good for slowing down and changing your perspective.
  • Prophet #23 (#3 of relaunch) – The previous issue was more gross than the first, which was kinda gross! Spaceman on space planets with space planet people. Like Memorial, Prophet is also good for taking you out of this world!
  • Amazing Spider-Man #682 – End of the World Part 1 – Always a good comic book.
  • Avengers X-Sanction #4/4 – Titus read and said it was good!
  • Uncanny X-Men #9 – I stopped reading this after a few issues of the restart of the series but thought I would try it again with the whole Avengers VS X-Men thing happening. I flipped through and read a few random pages. Verdict: Looking forward to reading the rest!
  • Reed Gunther #9 – A cowboy who rides a bear and fights monsters with a lady friend. All ages.  A zany non-superhero book for kids that grown-ups will also find entertaining! With a strong female counterpart to our hero and his bear.

DC New 52 Issue #7  -In reading order:

Collections/Graphic .Novels

Titus’ Additional

Titus’ Graphic Novel Recommendation

  • X-Men Season One – Just like I wouldn’t shut up about how perfect Fantastic Four Season One is, about how it’s just what a new reader to comics or the family needs to get started, about how the art and story flow so you don’t want to put it down… ditto.