Superman Sam

Superman Sam Rests in Peace

Last year Sam’s parents began a blog to document and share the eight year-old’s battle with cancer.
Supporters were asked to send in pictures of themselves in superhero t-shirts, so we spread the word.

You sent Sam and his family thousands of pictures of smiling faces and encouraging sentiments to help him find courage to fight each day. And fight he did.

Sam beat lukemia into remission, but it returned. He beat it again with a bone marrow transplant, but it returned.

His determination to carry on in spite of immense physical and emotional pain was matched only by his concern for others. In his last week Sam recorded himself reading a story for his little brother and wrote notes for his siblings to find and read after he passed.

In March, a fast growing group of Reform rabbis will shave their heads to honor Superman Sam and to raise awareness for childhood cancer.

Thank you to everyone who supported Sam and his family. Thank you to everyone who keeps faith alive in others.

SuperSamSuperman Sam Sommer