Summer School!: Social Issues Through Comics at The Shop!

It’s an exciting time for comics! Blockbuster movies bring increased acceptance of geek culture and a variety of new readers are making their way into comic shops. With this new influx of geeks, the dialogue around the medium is expanding and people are beginning to question the status quo of comics from superheroes to indies.

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Fortunately, it’s easy to educate yourself about the important social issues present in the comics community!


The Comic Book Shop is pleased to announce our status as an official retailer partner for the excellent Christina Blanch’s (co-owner of Alter Ego Comics) second free online course, Social Issues Through Comic Books.


What this means is that one Saturday per month (more, if there’s a demand!) at 6pm, you can meet up with others in the area to discuss class work, go over reading, and watch the pre-recorded interviews with guest authors.


Additionally, the shop will provide materials to those enrolled in the class at a 25% discount! With a number of specific back issues required as course reading, it’s a great chance to familiarize yourself with a part of the shop besides the new comics wall or the trade paperbacks.


If demand for these individual issues exceeds what we physically have in stock, all recommended titles are available from our digital storefront.


Curious about what’s on the docket for the class? Here’s the reading list:


Month One (March 10-April 9)ADDICTION: Buzzkill TP, Green Lantern #85 and #86 (included in Green Lantern Green Arrow TP Vol 2), Batman: Venom TP, and Sex Criminals #1 (in Sex Criminals TP V1.)


Month Two (April 10-May 9)ENVIRONMENT: Swamp Thing: Rot World  (Vol 3 New 52), The Massive TP V1, Hinterkind TP V1, Hawkeye #7 (in TP V2).


Month Three (May 10-June 9)SOCIAL INEQUALITY: Lazarus TP V1 , Scalped TP V1, X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills TP, and March.


Month Four (June 10-July 9)IMMIGRATION: American Born Chinese, Action Comics #900 (in Superman: Black Ring V2), Superman Unchained #1 , and Skin Horse V1 (can order from


Month Five (July 10-August 18)MEDIA, GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION, AND INFORMATION PRIVACY: Transmetropolitan TP V1, Global Frequency TP , Nightly News TP V1, Daredevil #4-6  (in Mark Waid’s Daredevil TP V1.)


If you’re looking for a great way to spend your spring and summer meeting new people, engaging in interesting discussions, and educating yourself about the comics medium, then consider signing up and learning something new!

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Learning Objectives for Social Issues through Comic Books

  • Be able to define the concepts of the different social issues and how they affect us everyday.
  • Understand that addiction is more than a personal problem and is a disease that affects everyone around it.
  • Demonstrate how comic books can use social issues of the time to create awareness.
  • Identify and evaluate relevant contexts and interpretations of social issues in popular culture (comics books in this case).
  • Construct an analysis of a popular culture artifact.
  • Understand how being a member of a community can help us to understand more about ourselves.