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Duffy & Martinez

Duffy & Martinez!

So you want to be a Subscriber?  Good decision!


We’ll place special orders for you, suggest new titles for you, and remind you when you’ve neglected your Bin.
You’ll also get first dibs on the good stuff!


We will do everything we can to make your comic buying experience easy and fulfilling.

To do so, we need a few things from you.  Here’s the deal:


1.  As a Subscriber you are asking us to order an extra copy just for you.

You agree to purchase your orders within one month.

We have to place our orders two months in advance and we’re not allowed to return anything.

If you don’t pick up your order we’re stuck with product we can’t sell. Bad for business!


2.  As a Subscriber you agree to keep us informed of Pull List changes.

Should you decide you no longer want a title, just let us know. We won’t be mad. We won’t even make you buy what we have already ordered for you (two months in advance, remember?)


3.  As a Subscriber you agree to keep us informed of contact information changes.

Sometimes we’ll need to get in touch with you, like if you haven’t picked your books.

We’ll try to reach you to let you know you’re past due, but ultimately it’s on you.


4.  WE, The Shop, will add new series to your list based on your pulls.

This is why it’s vital to check your list once a month to make sure you’re getting the books you want! If we’ve added something you don’t want, just let us know and we’ll remove it!!


The Nitty Gritty

  • Purchase your orders once a month = Get Subscriber Perks!  (See below for details)
  • Haven’t purchased your orders in month = Pulls are suspended. Books may be released for sale at our discretion. PLEASE let us know if you have problems getting in to pickup. We’ll work with you but you have to keep in contact with us!
  • Haven’t purchased your orders in two months = Your Bin is closed. We are sad.


Subscriber Perks!

  • Free Bag&Board with every comic on your List!
  • Back Issues in Bins 25% off every day! Includes Silver Age and Bronze-Modern Bins.
  • Key Issue Wall/Case and New Variant Covers 10% off every day!  Includes Key and High Grade Issues.
  • More Subscriber Specials!