Staff Picks! New Comics on 3.4.15

We’re excited for these upcoming releases!

Week of  3.4.15


Decender #1, ImageJeff Lemire is writing a strange “heart-felt cosmic odyssey” about sad robots? Count me in. This is exactly his purview, did you guys read trillium? Also, who doesn’t love Dustin Nguyen’s beautiful art? I can’t wait to see him draw some rad space stuff.  Alex+Titus Pick!

All New Hawkeye #1Jeff Lemire & Ramon Perez!  Past and present lives collide as Hawkeye & Hawkeye face a threat that will challenge everything they know about what it means to be Hawkeye!  Kate is powerful and independent even as she is sensitive to Clint’s disability.  Ariel+Titus Pick!

Blackcross #1/6, Dynamite – From the pages of Project Superpowers! I never know what I’m getting into with Warren Ellis, sometimes it’s weird-good-amazing and sometimes it’s weird-bad-whatevenisthis, but at least it’s always interesting ride. The premise sounds like the kind of strange creeping weird that made his run on Moon Knight so enthralling, I’m going to give it a shot.  Alex Pick!


Princess Leia #1/5 – Writer Mark Waid (Daredevil, S.H.I.E.L.D.) and artist Terry Dodson (Avengers & X-Men: Axis, Uncanny X-Men) bring us a story of Leia’s quest to help her people and find her place in the galaxy. Jamie+Sarah Pick!

Spider-Woman #5 – NEW ARTIST! New Costume! Javier Rodriguez takes over art duties and gives Jess the style she deserves. How will the new costume work out?  Kris Anka designed it to be more practical for more street-level fighting. Plus: Ben Urich!  Sarah Pick!

spider woman #5

Rat Queens #9, Image – NEW ARTIST! Back on schedule!  Stjepan Sejic begins regular art duties!  Everybody’s Pick!

Lady Killer #3, Dark Horse – The pressure is on for Josie as the conflict increases between her cozy suburban home life and her work as a paid killer! Jamie Pick!

lady killer

Saga #26, Image – We all know Saga is great by now, right? Aw man, I just love that little seal guy. (Alex) Will Gwen move on and become her own person instead of The Will’s shadow? (Ariel) Everybody’s Pick!