Staff Picks! New Comics on 3.25.15

We’re excited for these upcoming releases!

Week of  3.18.15


We Can Never Go Home #1 (of 5) (MR), Black Mask Studios – A girl. A boy. A mixtape. A stolen car. Strange abilities. And a a .45.  We can run. We can fight. But WE CAN NEVER GO HOME.  Watch the trailer here!    TITUS & SARAH PICK!!

Wayward Vol 1 TP: String Theory, ImageJim Zub!! $10!! Wayward is about disaffected youth battling myths of old and, just like being a teenager, it’s intense, funny, emotional, and violent,” says Zub.  Twitter was in a tizzy with excitement last week and now Amy is all excited to be able to read the complete first volume!

Uncanny X-Men (2013-) #32Duffy says, “Uncanny has been really good lately, even though the covers don’t usually have anything to do with the story!”

They’re Not Like Us #4 (MR), Image –  This story is a bit like the X-Men gone wrong, or maybe it’s the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Young, fashionable, mad at the world kids with powers hide in plain sight taking everything they need and then some from undeserving normals. It’s a really intriguing plot, but beautiful art by Eric Stephenson (backed up by the renowned Jordie Bellaire on colors) really tie it all together. Stephenson clearly did some research on street fashion, as each character in this large and diverse cast has a well developed contemporary sense of style, something you don’t see very often but really makes characters feel dynamic and human. >Alex

Wytches #5 (MR), Image – Scott Snyder writes some really amazing horror. Wytches is an eerie southern gothic about creatures of the deep woods who offer dark deals to those who meet them. If you like spooky folktales, this is the book for you.  >Alex

Big Hard Sex Criminals HC (MR), Image –  This book.  This flipping BOOK!!  Packed with variant covers, diagrams, and a special gift under the dust jacket.  For mature readers. DUH.

Sex Criminals - In the Quiet I Talk To Her

Sex Criminals – In the Quiet I Talk To Her