Spotlight: Unwritten by Mike Carey and Peter Gross

Books. They’re one of the most influential mediums in the world, reaching almost every corner of the world. Classics and major franchises like Harry Potter have reached billions of people and continue to gain new readers every day. There’s a vast influence that the written word has over the human mind. The right words can inspire, destroy, create, anger, and shape the thoughts and ideals of those that read them. Now, what if those words had a tangible power behind them? Something mysterious that could bring Frankenstein’s monster into being and make a magic wand work? What if you could enter those stories and walk the streets in Dickens’ London or the Hundred Acre Wood? Welcome to the world of Unwritten.

With equal parts mystery, action, adventure, and drama, Unwritten is the story about a man, Tom Taylor. Tom was the inspiration for his father’s international bestselling Tommy Taylor novels. Raised with a deep knowledge of the literary world he is now worshipped as ‘the word made flesh,’ as if he’s the real Tommy Taylor fully grown. But that can’t be possible, of course. Soon, his life begins to take strange turns, crossing paths with dangerous people that are most definitely not what they seem. There’s an underworld to fiction, one that Tom is quickly introduced to while he searches for the truth about his father and childhood. As he tumbles through story after story, literally, what will he learn? The real question though is, will truth be stranger than fiction when he finally finds the answers?

Wired called Mike Carrey’s ongoing series, “Fascinating..One of the most interesting comics of the year.” They weren’t wrong. In a sea of superheroes and zombies, spies and mercenaries, Unwritten is a splash of cold water for any reader. Not only does this book draw you in and not let you put it down, it makes you think. How do comics and books as mediums influence the world around us? At what point do people’s thoughts about a book matter more than the actual book itself? What in the world today stands alone as real? Could we all just be characters, acting out a plot, at the mercy of a writer?

Do yourself a favor and catch up with this series. It won’t disappoint.

Unwritten vol. 6 by Mike Carey and Peter Gross comes out October 17, 2012.