Spotlight On: Fred Van Lente

Welcome to a new era of GI Joe and meet your new leader, Fred Van Lente! With a passion for comics
and a vast knowledge to pull from, Van Lente is bringing beloved characters to meet the modern era.
Cobra’s outed the Joes and now the US Government is embracing that. The agents are public figures and
must now deal with the consequences and responsibilities of this.

Fred Van Lente plans to tackle current, relevant issues within the military in this new series. From
major sex scandals to a high suicide rate, a new take on things and an update to the franchise will be
in order. Using current events such as the economic crisis, Van Lente plans to make the series relevant
and accessible. For instance, the first arc will focus on Cobra implementing a Red Dawn-style takeover,
converting one small town at a time by telling them their government and the Joe’s have not served
them well.

If you’re not familiar with Fred Van Lente, here’s a little rundown of his projects:

Fred Van Lente is currently writing Valiant’s relaunch of Archer and Armstrong. The critically acclaimed
buddy comedy is back with a new team and a new story!

Archer TP 1


Van Lente has been a large player in the Marvel Zombies series over the years. Zombies must be fought.
Fact. But what happens when the zombies are people you know?

Marvel Zomb 3

Along with writing comics, Van Lente has delved into the history of comics, manga and graphic novels
themselves. Van Lente along with Ryan Dunlavey shine an irreverent light on the godfathers of modern
graphic storytelling including Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Osamu Tezuka, Alan Moore, Will Eisner and more!

Comic Book History of Comics

Comic Book History of Comics