Special Preview Catch-Up for May 23, 2012

This week Dark Horse Comics releases Resident Alien #1 and Mind MGMT #1 and I’ve read them and I suggest you get them. But there’s a small issue (no pun intended)- these are not the debut appearances for the titles. You’d think you could pick up #1 and start reading but you’d be wrong. Or maybe a little confused. But you won’t be – I’m here to help!

Resident Alien is a four issue mini-series featuring an alien stranded in Patience, USA. The lavendar hued castaway possesses some empathetic traits and minor mind control which help him bide his time until he is rescued. When the town’s doctor is murdered he is asked to lend his medical skills which lead him to become engrossed in solving the mystery.

Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse’s refreshing tale of an alien protagonist originally appeared in the anthology Dark Horse Presents and is collected in Resident Alien #0.

I’m enjoying this series for the slower, small-town pace and the honest sense of wonder our hero h0lds for the community and it’s questionable actions. Although he has the traditional shape of an alien his purple skin and easy smile show he will not be portrayed as a stereotype. With only two issues remaining I’m sad to think the story will be over so soon.

The paper style and muted watercolors alone make Matt Kindt’s Mind MGMT stand out from other books on the shelf. And since the creator fully admits to reading trades instead of monthly comics the whole thing is packed with little treats to entice you to part with $3.99 every four weeks.

Look closely and you’ll see each page has blue bleed-breaks with tips from the Mind MGMT field guide. A supplemental story is told on the inside cover pages. The Letters Column divulges secrets and clues to other secrets.  His lures are sweet as his story winding.

A preview of Mind MGMT was included with Mr. Kindt’s one-shot, 3 Story: Secret Files of the Giant Man.

Two years ago everyone on Flight 815 except a little boy suffered complete amnesia which remains to this day. In addition to the mysterious memory loss a passenger as also gone missing.

Best-selling unsolved true crime author Meru has hit a slump and is determined to make her comeback by solving the disappearance of Passenger 121.