Social Issues Through Comic Books: Free Open Online Course

Super MOOC2: Social Issues Through Comic Books

From the course description:

Are you a life long learner? Do you like comic books? Do you think it would be interesting to discuss social issues using comic books as a lens? Are you an educator looking for different methods to present your material? If so, this course is for you!

From the creator of Gender Through Comic Books (aka the SuperMOOC), this six month course will examine current social issues through comic books while understanding how popular culture is shaped by it’s surroundings.

We will read a variety of comic books including Scalped, Daredevil, Swamp Thing, and many more. While reading these books we will examine topics such as social inequality, the environment, government intervention, addiction, and information privacy. Using lectures, live interviews with academics and comic book professionals, discussion boards, and readings, we will learn about social issues and how they are presented in comic books and the impact that those books have had on the issues whether large or small scale. This will be more than a class – it’s a formation of a community.

The Comic Book Shop is one of several shops throughout the country providing meeting space and discussion each month of the course.

All required reading material purchased from The Shop will be 25% off (excluding New Comics) for enrolled participants.


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Module 1: Addiction     March 10 – April 9th

Discussion at TCBS     Saturday, April 5th at 6pm

After completing this module, students should be able to:

  • Understand why addiction is a social issue;
  • Distinguish between tolerance and physical dependence;
  • Begin to identify how addiction is present and represented in comic books;
  • Identify some causes of addiction.