September LADIES & NON-BINARY NIGHT: BP: World of Wakanda! Thursday 9.20.18

Trans or Cis Ladies & Non-Binary People age 16+ are welcome
to join us for a private hang-out in the Danger Room

7pm Meet, Mingle, News – 8pm Book Club – 9pm Shopping Time!




(W) Roxanne Gay, Yona Harvey, (A) Alitha MartinezAfua Richardson 
(CA) Afua Richardson

Wakanda! Home of the Black Panther, a proud and vibrant nation
whose legends and mysteries run deep. Now, delve deep into Wakanda’s lore with a love story
where tenderness is matched by brutality!
You know them as the Midnight Angels, but for now they are just Ayo and Aneka –
young women recruited to become Dora Milaje, an elite task force trained to protect the crown of Wakanda at all costs. But with their king shamed and their queen killed,
Ayo and Aneka must take justice into their own hands!
They’ve been officers. Rebels. Lovers. But can they be leaders?
Plus: the return of former White Tiger, Kasper Cole! As Wakanda burns, Cole can only watch helplessly from halfway around the world. Will he find a new beginning – or meet a painful end? Collecting BLACK PANTHER: WORLD OF WAKANDA #1-6.

Marvel’s World of Wakanda Will Spotlight Women, on the Page and Behind It


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