Blinding You With Science (Fiction)

There’s been a fantastic trend towards Sci Fi in comics recently, particularly among the independent publishers. This doesn’t mean that the Big Two aren’t dipping their feet in: the current X-Men (X-Ladies!) storyline by Brian Wood has a distinct science fiction feel. Here’s a few of my favorite Sci Fi titles currently gracing our shelves:


Collider #1 (now called FBP, Federal Bureau of Physics) came in last week, but I’d been anticipating it for months. Billed as “Kurt Vonnegut meets Bruce Springsteen”, F.B.P. offers a rare perspective in science fiction: not that of the supersmart scientist, but rather as the blue collar grunt. Our protagonist is the dude that goes into the dangerous space/time situations and fixes the cracks — and the cracks are growing. The art by Robbi Rodriguez (Frankie Get Your Gun) lends itself beautifully to the hypersaturated fluid feel of F.B.P.‘s universe.



Trillium is the brand new title from Jeff Lemire (Underwater Welder, Animal Man), and it is not for those looking for a casual read. Text heavy and incredibly detailed, this time and space traveling love story requires you to physically flip the book upside down to get the whole story. Issue #1 is on the shelves this week, so don’t miss your chance to follow this bizarre, beautiful tale.


Manhattan Projects

The subject of excessive critical acclaim, Manhattan Projects exists in a world where the creation of the atomic bomb was really a front for far stranger science. Featuring real historical figures and written by master of world-bending Jonathan Hickman (Avengers, soon-to-be Infinity), Manhattan Projects will make your head explode Scanners-style. The first two trades are available and the series is still running monthly!


Nowhere Men

Nowhere Men focuses on the idea of “Science as the new Rock-n-Roll” (the title itself is a nod to The Beatles), exploring fame in the scientific community and the effects it has on the people involved — both those reaping the benefits of notoriety and those who suffer because of it. Nowhere Men really plays with the medium of comics, requiring the reader to examine every little thing, which can include footnotes, credits, and fake newspaper and magazine articles. The first trade is set to drop in September, but single issues are available on the wall and in the bins!

So what do you think? What Sci Fi titles are you checking out these days?