Sarah’s Picks for 11.13.13

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Top of the Stack!

11.13.13 Top of the Stack

All-New X-Men #18 – Bendis + Immonen = ALWAYS THE BEST!
Superior Spider-Man #21 – So good!
Superman/Wonder Woman #2 – Charles Soule is a solid writer and Tony S. Daniel makes gorgeous art!
Batgirl: Zero Year & Green Lantern Corps Zero Year – Batman isn’t the only hero getting started!
Rocket Girl #2, Image – Brandon Montclare & Amy Reeder. Teen Cop from the Future!
Mocking Dead #3, Dynamite – Fred Van Lente!
Manifest Destiny #1, Image – Lewis & Clark find some unusual fauna on the frontier.
Ultimate Spider-Man: Cataclysm #1/3 – A great starting point to get to know Miles Morales! Witty & gorgeous.


Second Stack!

11.13.13 Second Stack

Garth Ennis’ Red Team #6, Dynamite – Four of NY’s finest take out a suspect on their own and the worst possible thing that could happen happens!
Three #2, Image – Kieron Gillen writes about the slaves of Sparta.
Walking Dead #116: All Out War Part 2/12, Image – It’s getting real!
Batman #25: Zero Year
Justice League America #9: Forever Evil – The heroes are trapped in a prison of their minds’ making. Trippy and scary. Matt Kindt!
Suicide Squad #25: Forever Evil – Matt Kindt makes this series good!


Next to Read!

11.13.13 Next Reads

My Little Pony: Spike Micro Series, IDW – I will be reading this because the lovely Agnes Garbowska was kind to us at Baltimore Comic-Con. She was featured in the Usagi Yojimbo Yearbook and sketched an adorable little Usagi for us!
Umbral #1, Image
Unity #1, Valiant – A great starting point for readers new to the Valiant universe as their first crossover begins!
Marvel Knights X-Men #1 – Duffy says: “A mature episode of Scooby-Doo. No annoyances. I liked it!”
X-Men Gold one-shot – New story plus select reprints.
Forever Evil: Arkham War #2


More to Read!

11.13.13 More Reads


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