Comics Highlights for 4.11.12

This was supposed to be about a handful of books but there are TOO MANY!  This week an asterisk preceding the title notes the absolute best of the best.   Until next week!

Issues #1

  • *America’s Got Powers (Image, of 6)  Not at the top of my stack to read this week but I am fully in support now. I really thought I wouldn’t like this story about a superhero TV show but that synopsis isn’t even in the right arena. It’s $2.99 for 36 pages of story. Get on this bandwagon!
  • Alabaster Wolves (DarkHorse, of 5) An albino girl beats a werewolf at riddles to regain a lost box. A delightful addition to my monthly reads.
  • Secret (Image, Hickman)  Gruesome covers unsettle me, and the extra-close-up of bared teeth and veiny gums with the caption, “Teeth, With Which to Eat,” did not entice me toward this mysterious title. The interior is less violent than any given DC book, with clean images and careful colors. Add classic Hickman/crime/Image/spy storyline and everything’s OK again.
  • Secret Service (Icon/Marvel)- I refuse to get excited about a Mark Millar property until is in collected format. The guy writes awesome stories but his books are published at an inexcusable pace.

Point One

  • Mighty Thor #12.1 – Thor has returned, the All-Mother rules Asgardia, and heroes remember fondly. Sweet one-shot, catch-up, jump-on issue.

Ongoing Titles

  • *Fantastic Four #605 After all the mind-bending of the several previous issues Hickman slows down and delivers a sweet look into the future of the Fantastic Four and the Future Foundation. Unnerved by what he sees, Reed finally slows down, too. Beautiful standalone story, perfect for infrequent or former readers.
  • Peter Panzerfaust #3 It must be pixie dust because this story brings to life the wonder of Peter Pan.
  • Saga #2 – Still crazy and sweet and icky.  One of two books this week instructing the reader to “repurpose” one of the pages of the book. And I just might do it (because I have the time to fill out surveys that only one other person will read.)
  • Saucer Country #2 – The first issue left me a little disappointed but #2 is much a stronger showing.

DC New 52 #8 – In Reading Order

  • *Batman and Robin  A very emotional issue to close the first arc of the new series. Exceptional.
  • Resurrection Man  I’m not sure how to really explain it, but it’s good reads!
  • Batgirl   Barbara faces her past and must decide her path.

Collections / Graphic Novels

Titus’ Additional

  • Severed HC – Titus has been praising Scott Snyder’s horrorific thriller since issue #1, and so has anyone else who has read it!