Quick Bits for 9.11.13

Alright, Kids! You know it’s a good week when I can actually get to writing a post, so get a comfy seat and settle in for a stack of quality reads and feels. Here’s this week’s best books in Lightning Round* form.  *Lightning Round TradeMarked and Copyrighted by PaperKeg Podcast.

Brain Boy #1, Dark Horse. FRED VAN LENTE. World’s most powerful telepath works national security. Anything FVL is at the top of my stack and art by RB Silva doesn’t hurt, either.

brain boy #1


Archer & Armstrong #13, Valiant. FRED VAN LENTE. What did I just say? I’ve been reading this since the relaunch of Valiant because it’s fun, smart, historical, and a bit trippy.
Eternal Warrior #1, Valiant. GREG PAK. The writer of Batman/Superman also deserves your attention in this companion book to Archer & Armstrong. Greg Pak worked with FVL on Alpha Flight and Herc.

eternal warrior #1


Indestructible Hulk #13: Agent of TIME Part 3, Age of Ultron Aftermath. MARK WAID. See Hulk smash across the ages in beautiful detail by Matteo Scalera. A Roomba-like robot with Banner’s consciousness hovers around Hulk to attempt to keep him focused as time travel terrorists change history all over the place.

FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics #3 (formerly Collider), Vertigo. A world where disturbances in the laws of physics are as common as weather. A new bureaucratic organization, FBP, is created to deal with these quantum singularities. Simon Olivier and Robbi Rodriguez.

Ghosted #3, Image. A motley team of paranormal experts get closer to the ghost they are trying to steal. Fans of Thief of Thieves should give this a try. Joshua Williamson.

Avengers #19, Infinity Core Issue. Jonathan Hickman & Leinil Francis Yu. I actually liked this issue.  Infinity has been a bit overwhelming so far, so maybe I’m more comfortable with the players and events now, but I didn’t read this and feel like I was completely missing the story.

Infinity: The Hunt #1/4, Infinity Tie-In. All the schools around the world teaching mutants and super-students arrange for a friendly competition to build relationships and hone skills. Except then that whole Infinity thing starts to happen. MATT KINDT.

infniity hunt

Mighty Avengers #1, Infinity Tie-In. Luke Cage quit leading a team of Avengers to focus on his family and reopened Heroes For Hire. Superior Spider-Man’s a jerk, Monica Rambeau has a new name, there’s a new Iron Fist of New York, and the White Tiger just wants to do some good work.

mighty aengers

Star Wars #8, Dark Horse. Still great writing from Brian Wood. Wish Ryan Kelly had a better inker.

Fantastic Four #12. MATT FRACTION. The gang is split up across time and are falling apart (literally.)

Rachel Rising #19, Abstract Studios. TERRY MOORE. Lilith tries to teach Bryn Erin, James reports the militia is forming, and Earl is still watching over intently over four dead (?) bodies. I wish these came in double-size issues every month.

Red Sonja #3, Dynamite. GAIL SIMONE. Freezing, starving, and dishonored, Sonja dreams of her childhood.

Walking Dead #114, Image. It’s going down hard as we near All Out War on October 9th, just in time for Season 4! Check out all the details for the 10th Anniversary of TWD and the ten connecting covers for issue #115!

X-Men #5: Battle of the Atom Chapter 3. The X-Ladies join with the Young X-Men and the Future X-Men to find the runaways. I love this event!!

Detective Comics #23.2 Harley Quinn #1.  MATT KINDT writes a touching origin for Harley; This is why I love his work.

Batman #23.2 Riddler #1. SCOTT SNYDER & Ray Fawkes. I solved almost all the riddles!

Aquaman #23.2 Black Manta #1. GEOFF JOHNS & Tony Bedard. Aquaman was one of the strongest titles of the New 52 from the beginning and is still a mighty good book.

Green Lantern #23.2 Mongul #1. JIM STARLIN. Great story, bad, bad guy. Reminds me of Thanos.

Justice League #23.2 Lobo #1. The much maligned redesigned Lobo is a ruthless mercenary who loves his knives. Say what you will about the look of the character, Marguerite Bennett can write a decent book.

Batman and Robin #23.2 Court of Owls #1. More creepy cult families from the turn of the century. Don’t read this in the dark. James Tynion IV.

Earth 2 #15.2 Solomon Grundy #1. Usually Matt Kindt is a done deal of sweet perfection but the two stories in this issue didn’t ever come together. It’s still interesting but feels incomplete, almost as if a few pages are missing.