Quick Bits & Best Reads for 6.26.13 – by Sarah

This week had an unbelievable amount of New Comics. Some would call it shocking. Some called it ridiculous. And the trouble with all these comics that are fighting for shelf space? That so many of them are so darn good!  For example, these:

New Comics

Adventures of Superman #2, DC– Short stories by a variety of writers and artists. This month features Michael Avon Oeming, co-creator of Powers.

Age of Ultron #10 A.I., Marvel – A feature on Hank Pym, father of Ultron and core member of the Artificial Intelligence Avengers. Written by the magnificent Mark Waid.

All New X-Men #13, Marvel -Brian Michael Bendis + Stuart Immonen = The Best X-Title on the Market.

Batman/Superman #1, DC – Jae Lee’s moody art grounds our heroes as Greg Pak uncovers their more personal aspects.  Set in Earth 2, prior to, you know, them being dead. If you appreciate Bats or Supes for more than butt-kickery, you should be reading this.

Daredevil #27, Marvel – Always Daredevil.

Fatale #15, Image – The first issue in the fourth arc of Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips’ pulpy, culty, noir. Reader’s Tip: Individual issues of Fatale include additional material and essays on the genre not reprinted elsewhere.

FF #8, Marvel– The fill-in team for the Fantastic Four does their best to keep control of the Future Foundation kids. Fraction and Allred.

Guardians of the Galaxy #4, Marvel – The team drinks and fights. Pretty much a normal day.

Hawkeye #11, Marvel – Pizza Dog. That is all.

hawkeye #11

Pizza Dog is on the job!

Justice League #21, DC – Finally! Shazam battles Black Adam!

Justice League of America #5, DC – The Other Justice League has some trickery up their capes. Will the secrets never end?

Lazarus #1, Vertigo – In a dystopian near-future a handful of families rule and exploit those not fortunate enough to be them. Each family has a protector, a Lazarus who defends them against the dreadful. Forever Carlyle just died serving her family. Now it gets worse.

Malevolent Mr. Burns #1 (one shot), Bongo – I love the Simpsons, used to watch all the time. Since I don’t have as much Prime Time time as in my youth I like to pick up these single issue character stories. Hits the spot and no commercials!

Massive #13, Dark Horse – The Massive is still missing. The crew of the Kapital is crumbling. Brian Wood is still writing post-disaster like it’s his job.

Mind MGMT #12, Dark Horse – “The comic that gives you it’s money’s worth.” Matt Kindt’s mind-expanding marvel.

Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard Vol 2 #1/4, ArchaiaLegends of the Guard features guest creators telling tales of the warrior mice who defend the realm.  The first story in this issue is by Stan “Usagi” Sakai.

Nova #5, Marvel – Solid.  Sam Alexander is a teen who found out his dad was one of the best space cops ever. Now a talking raccoon and a big green lady want him to fill his father’s position.

Red Lanterns #21, DC – Charles Soule kicks off the new direction of Red Lanterns with Guy Gardner torn between two corps. Best issue yet!

Secret Avengers #5, Marvel – Agents operate without knowing why. The New Nick Fury, Maria Hill, and Coulson try to keep Widow and Hawkeye in the trouble without actually being in trouble.

Think Tank #8, Top Cow/Image – Making weapons to kill people isn’t what Dr. Lorien wanted to do, so now he’s making life difficult for the people who want him to. It isn’t going that well.  Think Tank has links and references to real world government technologies and want-lists. It’s pretty scary. You should check it out.

Uncanny #1, Dynamite – Kind of like a mutant, Weaver can use other people’s memories, abilities, and expertise for a limited time. He does not choose to save the world. He’d rather con it. But then, the story starts to get interesting.  An excellent crime story with a supernatural touch by Andy Diggle and Aaron Campbell.

uncanny #1

Andy Diggle’s Uncanny #1


Uncanny X-Men #7, Marvel – A sister title to All New X-Men, following Scott’s team of mutants. Now, Magik is having demon troubles and calls on a surprising mentor.

Wake #2/10, Vertigo – Scott Snyder’s Severed was one of the best horror titles during it’s run and continues to be a chilling masterpiece. The Wake is on par, only wetter.

Wolverine and the X-Men #32, Marvel – Consistently fun, caring, and bright. And full of Bamfs.

X-Men #2, Marvel – The Jean Grey School for Higher Learning just shut down to protect the staff and students. Now it’s up to the ladies to protect the school!  Brian Wood, again!  Olivier Coipel doesn’t draw many series, but when he does they are brilliant.

Young Avengers #6, Marvel – This title keeps growing on me!  Kieron Gillen has hit his stride with the second arc of the dynamic teens just trying to not hate life.


Graphic Novel Collections

Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre HC, Vertigo – Stunningly gorgeous. Gritty but not gruesome. Darwyne Cooke tells a story capable of standing as it’s own right, completely independent of any other work. Amanda Conner recreates the groovin 60s in lush detail. I love this.

Eyes of the Cat HC -Story by Alejandro Jodorowsky. Art by Moebius,

Fatale Vol 3 TP, Image – Each issue in this volume meets Jo in a different era. Collects issues #11-#14. Pick up issue #15 today, too!

Hack/Slash Vol 13 TP, Image – Cassie and Vlad fight their last battle, wrapping Tim Seeley’s acclaimed series.

Moriarty Deluxe HC, Image – Recommended for any Sherlock fan.

Superman Family Adventures Vol 1 TP *All Ages – Tiny superpeople and superpets! Delightful for little readers and bigger readers.

superman family tp

Superman for Tiny Readers



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