Pro Tips for Comic-Con Attendees!

How to Enjoy and Get the Most out of
Your Comic-Con Experience!


  • Wear comfy shoes and clothes.

  • Bring a backpack to hold all your loot!

  • Pack your own snacks and water. Maybe some pain reliever, too.

  • Have a rally point to meet your friends.

  • BRING CASH. Stash it in a few different places on your person so you’re not flashing a wad around.

  • Take pictures!

  • Do your homework: Find out which of your favorite creators will be there. Bring something for them to sign – most autographs are free!

  • Want a sketch?  Consider getting a sketchbook to keep all your beauties together. Don’t want to risk losing your most precious book? Bags&Boards are portable, conveniently sized, and have a built-in protector (the bag!)

  • Get all weird and choked up when you get the chance to meet your superstar? A simple, honest, “Thanks for making great books,” or something similar gets your point across without too much fumbling.

  • Be considerate of fans, staff, vendors, and creators. We’re all in this together!

  • Don’t block the aisles! If you want to take a picture or have a conversation, step to the side so you won’t cause a traffic jam or undue growling.

  • Review the floorplan and mark the locations of your Must See creators [Baltimore Comic-Con details here]. You might need to pass by their booth several times before they are there/the line isn’t too long. Check if they will be signing at set times; You may also find them at their publishers’ booths or on a panel!

  • Baltimore Comic-Con: Parking gets zany after the early morning. Be prepared to circle a few times to find a garage; Often there will be flaggers waving you in to lots with vacancies. Consider carpooling!