Previews Magazine: Know What The Pros Know!

Previews Magazine the monthly catalog of upcoming products from the primary vendor for comic shops: Diamond Comic Distributors. The majority of new books and products that we sell come from Diamond and those are all listed in Previews!

You can use Previews to check out new titles, see changes for current storylines and creative teams, and get the first scoop on apparel, action figures, statues, gaming, and more! Every month we get a new order guide and solicitations for items that will hit the shelves in approximately 2-3 months. Comics generally ship in about two months, toys and merchandise usually take longer.

Physical, paper copies of the magazine cost $3.99 and usually on sale on the last Wednesday of every month. Subscribers in Good Standing who pull 15 or more monthly titles or who Special Order $50 or more of merchandise for the previous month get Previews for free! You can also check out Previews for free online at

If you see something you simply must have, let us know and we’ll place a Special Order for you. We can order most items that don’t require a minimum order quantity. If you don’t tell us that you’re interested, we may not order enough for you to get one!

There are two ways to order from Previews: Long Order Form and Short Order Form. Either way, please make sure your first and last names and phone number are on the order form! Please note: The due date for order is on the cover of the order form. This is the date by which WE need to have the order in to our distributor. Kindly have orders to us a few days before so we can process them.

Long Order Form: This booklet lists every item in Previews, in the same order as Previews, and includes the release date and retail price. Clearly mark the Quantity of Each Item that you want. To make the items more visible, you may highlight the item, dog-ear each page that has an order, and/or include the actual page from the magazine.

Short Order Form: This tear-out form requires a little more work on your part but is much more concise. Clearly mark the Quantity, Item #, Item Description, Page #, and Price. The Item # and Price are found on the Long Order Form (search by Previews page #). These details make sure we get you the right item!

Note: If a title is already on your pull list, you do not need to order it again. However, if you see a new title that you’d like to subscribe to, you can make a note on the order form and we’ll add it to your list!

New! Special Pre-Order Pre-Pay Perk!

You can get 10% OFF your Previews orders by paying in advance!

  1. Place your order by the Order Due Date listed in each month’s issue (usually the 17th).
  2. Pay for your order in full by the end of the ordering month.
  3. Pay 10% less!
  • This offer applies only to items solicited in the current Previews issue, not regular ReOrders.
  • This offer applies only to items such as graphic novels, toys, clothing, and miscellaneous merchandise; Regularly subscribed comic series are excluded.
  • If an item is cancelled or extremely delayed payments may be applied to other purchases.


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