Meet the Geeks! #2 – Duffy

It’s time for our next installment of Meet the Geeks!  This time, let’s talk to man whose superpower is the ability to summarize 60 years of comic history in 3 sentences or less!


TCBS:  So Duffy, how long have you been a Comic Book Geek?

DUFFY:  In some form or another I’ve been a comic geek all my life.  I grew up with the toys and cartoons of the 80’s.  I loved (and still do) Transformers, G.I. Joe, He-Man, and Thundercats!  The 90’s introduced me to The X-Men and that pretty much set the path for my life.  Be it sad or not I first learned of the Merry Mutants with the re-launch by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee.  (Every comic shop in America is still choking on those books.)  That comic series along with the animated cartoon that shortly followed educated me on the X-Men and to this day no X-Men cartoon series since has been able to top it.  Then in 2002 I got some very wonderful news.  The Transformers were returning to the comic book scene after an 11 year absence!  At this point in my life I had a job and my own money.  My true comic book collecting had begun.  During the course of the next year I knew my calling was to be completely immersed in comics 24/7.  I had to become a comic book shop employee!

TCBS:  Did you have comics as a kid?  What was your first comic?

DUFFY:  I don’t really recall having a comic book to call my very own.  The earliest comic I remember seeing is Marvel’s run with Transformers.  For some reason the cover to issue #10 is emblazoned in my brain.  It depicts Devastator blasting Ironhide and Bumble Bee.

TCBS:  What is your current favorite?

DUFFY:  I’m really enjoying Avengers and New Avengers at the moment.  Unfortunately I’ve been really disappointed with all the X-Men books aside from the Messiah Complex, Second Coming and X-Force (not Uncanny) story lines.  I’m also enjoying the re-launch of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero.

TCBS:  Who is your favorite Comic Book character?

DUFFY:  My favorite comic character is from the world of X-Men of course.  That would be Gambit.  Something about him really appeals to me.  He has a dark past that he is trying to atone for.  (Granted we have now found out what that is.)  He is also a pretty slick dude.  He could have just about any woman he wanted but the one he wants, he can’t have.  I think that’s a pretty cool dynamic.  I guess it speaks to the hopeless romantic in me.

TCBS:  And what about behind the scenes?  Who’s your favorite writer and/or artist?

DUFFY:  I don’t really have a favorite writer.  There are writers I enjoy like Bendis, Loeb and Straczynski, but I don’t make a point to read or buy something based on the writer alone.  Now artist on the other hand……

John Romita JR. is my most favorite absolutely awesomest artist. I will buy and go out of my way to get anything he is working on.  I remember when I first laid eyes on his work and it just spoke to me.  I don’t know why, I just really enjoy his work.  I really wish the folks at Marvel would give him a run on X-Men again, and then maybe I wouldn’t be so disappointed with the book anymore.   My most favorite work that he did has to be Dare Devil: The Man Without Fear.  A five issue mini-series also written by Frank Miller.  I must have read it 100 times over when it first came out in 1993.  How awesome is that?  I’m 11 years old at the time and appreciating comic book art work!

TCBS:  Nice!  So now we know a bit more about your comic life, what are you up to when you’re not at the shop?

DUFFY:  You mean there’s life outside comics?  Ha ha… I watch a lot of TV, go to Phillies games, and spend time with my wife and my folks.

TCBS:  Thanks for chatting with us today, Duffy.

Stay tuned folks for the next installment of “Meet the Geeks!”