May LADIES & NON-BINARY Night: She-Hulk Vol. 1- Deconstructed on 5.17.18

Trans or Cis Ladies & Non-Binary People age 16+ are welcome
to join us for a private hang-out in the Danger Room

7pm Meet, Mingle, News – 8:30pm Book Club – 9:30pm Shopping Time!


(W) Mariko Tamaki (A) Nico Leon, Dalibor Talajic (CA) Elizabeth Torque

Jennifer Walters was nearly killed by Thanos during the second Civil War. She wakes from deep coma to find her cousin murdered by a fellow Avenger.
Fueled by a quiet rage, Jen is determined to move forward with her life – but the pain of the past and all that she’s lost is always there. An undercurrent, a pulse waiting to quicken – and can trigger her transformation into the one thing over which she has no control.
Collecting HULK (2016) #1-6.

Mariko Tamaki talks about what color means to Jennifer Walters.

Mariko Tamaki tackles Jennifer Walters’ trauma in Hulk


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