May Book Club: THANOS WINS Thursday 5.23.19 at 7pm

TCBS Book Club 4th Thursdays at 7pm

Because reading is better with friends!

Thursday, May 25th from 7p-8p


(W) Kieron Gillan, Donny Cates (A) Geoff Shaw

See what happens when the Mad Titan gets his way! Thanos journeys to the end of time and his moment of complete victory…and still isn’t happy with what he sees. Witness the Mad Titan’s greatest glory – and ultimate shame! And no matter what form Thanos’ victory takes, is there any way that anyone – or anything – can possibly survive?
Introducing the COSMIC GHOST RIDER!!!!!

Collecting THANOS (2016) #13-18 and THANOS ANNUAL (2018) #1.

The Dark, Tragic Universe where Thanos Wins: an interview with writer Donny Cates

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