Marvel: Ultimate Cataclysm!


Worlds are colliding!  Universes are collapsing!

Will this be the end of the Ultimates?


Find out in these mini-series shipping in November!


* Cataclysm #0.1 – one shot – Josh Hale Fialkov / Classified!


 *Cataclysm: Ultimates Last Stand – 5 shot – Brian Michael Bendis / Galactus!

cata ulast stand


*Cataclysm: Ultimate Spider-Man – 3 shot – Brian Michael Bendis / Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, and Cloak & Dagger!

cata spider


*Cataclysm: Ultimate X-Men – 3 shot – Josh Hale Fialkov / Mutants!

cataclysm x men


*Cataclysm: Ultimates – 3 shot – Josh Hale Fialkov / Nick Fury!

 cata ultimaets fury

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