Look Into Your Future: Pre-Order Magic with Previews!!

Show of internet hands: who’s familiar with the Previews Catalog?

It’s your guide to what’s coming up in the world of comics and collectibles, and it’s available here at the shop (in fact, if you subscribe to 15+ titles, you get a free copy!). Inside, you’ll find photos and descriptions of what new comics are coming out in the next two months (or longer), as well as which new statues, tee shirts, and other merch will be available for your to get your greasy mitts on.

As the holiday season bears down on us (Too soon: I know!) the Previews catalog becomes even more of a geeky fantasy wishlist. Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered in a couple of ways:

  1. PREviews PRE-Order PRE-Pay PREtty Sweet Discount! If you pre-order an item from Previews before our order cut off and pay it off by the end of that month, you’ll receive a 10% discount on your items! So, let’s say you see a statue in September’s Previews that you can’t live without- if you pre-order by the 17th and pay it off entirely by the 30th, you’re set! This discount is not applicable to regular comic book pre-orders, sorry!
  2. Wishlist/Gift Registry! If you see something, say something! To us! And then to your friends and family! We’ll take the hassle out of their holiday shopping by keeping a neat ‘n tidy list of what you want most in The Shop or Previews catalog! Got a geeky spouse but couldn’t care less about Batguy or The X-Whoevers? Encourage them to fill one out and let their wishlist be your guide! It’s like an Amazon wishlist except on paper and not on Amazon at all (but better because you get to support a local business and come in and talk to us)!

Current subscribers probably know the Previews drill pretty well– but did you also know that by pre-ordering titles for your pull box, you’re actually changing the comics industry? Pre-orders help publishers know what readers want to see — so if you want to support, say, Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emma Rios’ upcoming creator-owned series Pretty Deadly, pre-ordering lets the big guys know that people are interested in independent comics made by lady creative teams!

You’ve got until the 17th to get your orders in from September’s Previews: here’s just a few of the awesome things in this month’s catalog:

thanosshirtThanos “Infinity Indeed” Shirt

File this one under “things you didn’t know you needed”: Steampunk + Thanos!


   SkeleTrek 5″ Figures

Okay, I really don’t care about Star Trek and even I kind of want these. Adorable and Dia De Los Muertos inspired!

gameofthronesGame of Thrones Figures

Dark Horse is launching a new series of more affordable yet high quality Game of Thrones figures, starting this month! Perfect if you want a tiny likeness of Kit Harrington for your home. Which I do. Don’t make it weird.

There’s also some great-looking comics in this month’s book to add to your pull list, including Sandman: Overture #1, Black Science #1, and Amazing X-Men #1 (the return of Nightcrawler!)

So come in a pick up a Previews catalog before they’re gone, register your wishlist, or ask us what we’re excited for!