Lightning Round for 7.18.12

Avengers Academy #33 – Juston’s Sentinel friend/protector is threatened by Phoenix Frost because, you know Sentinels are generally bad for mutants. But can this Sentinel really be different?









Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre #2 – Darwyne Cooke and Amanda Connor. She’s strong and sexy – she’s the Silk Spectre!









Birds of Prey #11 – Ivy blackmails the Birds into helping her and they’re not too happy about it!









Blacksad Silent Hell HC – Titus’ Pick!










Captain Marvel #1 – Kelly Sue DeConnick explains how Carol becomes Captain, and what that red sash is for! I liked the story better than the art, or is it the coloring that’s not quite right for me?

I love the costume change from super slinky to completely covered. Most people don’t know too much about pilot Carol Danvers – let’s find out!







Daredevil #15 – The 2012 Eisner’s confirmed what we’ve been telling you: You need to read Daredevil. Winner for Best Ongoing Series, Best Writer, Best Single Issue (#7).









Fantastic Four #608 –

The ladies take a trip and the men take a journey.

Reed stands as T’Challa’s second as he is judged and asked to become what Wakanda needs. T’Challa must decide if he should give up his struggle to regain his mantle as Black Panther or choose a more important (!) fate. What happens next bonds the two men until death… and after?






Mars Attacks #2 – Johns Layman and McCrea entertain again!










Men of War TP New 52 – One of my favorite New 52 titles, gone too soon.  Writer: Ivan Brandon









Rachel Rising #9 – Things just got weird. Seriously weird.










Saga #5 – Marko defends his women, but at what cost?









Wonder Woman #11 – I’m not sure what it is about this issue that really got me. Philip Chang’s stunning Princess Diana or the presence of more gods and goddesses this issue, but if you appreciate Greek mythology and badass broads, this is for you.








X-Men #32 – I’ve been leaving Adjective-Less X-Men alone since the vampires took over with issue #1 but Brian Wood has taken over so her I am. Storm is in charge of a small group investigating proto-mutants but haven’t told the rest of the gang. Some of those with her don’t think she has the power to make the calls she is and threaten to tell Cyclops. Yes! I’m hooked on this drama!