LBGTQ+ and Allies Meet-Up! Saturday 1.28.17 from 4p-6p

As overwhelmingly requested, TCBS presents our newest club:

LBGTQ+ and ALLIES MEET-UP: Comics & More!


FIRST MEETING: Saturday, January 28th from 4p-6p

Join us in sharing and learning about comics & pop-culture,
with a focus on
gay and transgender communities.


 This is a space for people to speak freely, in an environment that
fosters understanding and education.

Good intentions are always assume, and empathetic understanding
is readily offered.




As with all our TCBS clubs, we’re here to be the place our community needs.


General Club Overview

The first few meet-ups will be getting to know each other and finding out
what everyone wants from the group.

For the first half-hour or so folks can meet and mingle, browse The Shop, and get settled. Then we’ll have an official welcome and introductions.

 We’ll share comics & pop-culture news and discuss what we’ve been reading/watching/listening to. Might have a snack.

There will also be Book Club!  The group will choose a graphic novel to read and discuss; That book will be 25% off for the month, just like our other club books!

*First meet-up will NOT have a group book. See below for our suggestions!

At this point we don’t have a set schedule for LBGT+ and Allies Group, nor do we have a cool club name, so we’ll figure those things out as we go.


Recommended Reading

  • Fun Home
  • Bitch Planet, Image
  • Strangers in Paradise, Abstract Studios
  • Angela: Queen of Hel, Marvel
  • Jem & the Holograms, IDW
  • Batwoman: Elegy, DC
  • Gotham Central, DC
  • the Wicked + the Divine, Image
  • Young Avengers, Marvel
  • Insexts, Aftershock
  • Trees, Image

We hope to see you there!

 Notes for a Good LBGT+ and Allies Meet-Up

  • Confidentiality!  Our discussions will get into sensitive topics and personal stories will be shared, so the Vegas Rule is in effect: No sharing of personal details outside of this group. It’s oK to use general and vague references, but not specific names, etc.
  • Find the Positive  It may take some work, but purposefully finding a positive or constructive way to approach a difficulty is essential to growth. We’ll help each other.
  • You Speak for Yourself  We all belong to many groups but we are not their sole representatives. One may share their own experiences but they do not speak for an entire community.
  • Don’t Yuck Their Yum Everybody’s different, so don’t pass judgement. We’re all adults, ok?
  • Ask for Direction, Not an Explanation  It’s not the job of the oppressed to educate the oppressor. Before you ask a question that can be answered by a websearch, consider if you’re asking the best question.
  • Yield the Floor  Folks who speak more freely must actively let others have a turn.
  • Ouch/Oops  If something hurtful is said, saying “Ouch,” can let that be known. “Oops”
    acknowledges the error and opens the way for considerate correction.