Last Year’s Best! Staff & Shop Picks for 2013

Our favorite creators, issues, collections, and everything in-between.

These picks include works that are new this year, creators who are prolific,

and consistently good reads.

Our picks are not ranked, they are all the best! Names listed are of the staff

who are most vocal about their love for them!  (*) = See Best Issue!



Brian Michael Bendis.  All-New X-Men.  Uncanny X-Men*. Ultimate Spider-Man.

Jonathan Hickman.  East of West. Manhattan Projects. Infinity (Six Issues). Avengers New Avengers.

Matt Fraction.  Hawkeye*.  FF*.  Sex Criminals*.

Kelly Sue Deconnick.  Captain Marvel.  Pretty Deadly*. Avengers Assemble.

Greg Pak.  Batman/Superman.  Action Comics.  Eternal Warrior.  Zod #1 Villains Month issue.

Jeff Lemire.  Trillium.  Green Arrow.  Animal Man.

Rick Remender.  Black Science.  Uncanny Avengers.  Captain America.

Mark Waid.  Indestructible Hulk.  Daredevil*.

Matt Kindt.  Martian Manhunter backup stories in Justice League of America. Harley Quinn #1 Villains Month  issue.  Various DC and Marvel issues.

Jason Aaron.  Thor: God of Thunder. Wolverine and the X-Men.



Stuart Immonen.  All-New X-Men.

Chris Bachalo.  Uncanny X-Men*.

Andrea Sorrentino.  Green Arrow.  (Duffy, Titus, Martinez)

Chris Samnee.  Daredevil*.

Emma Rios.  Pretty Deadly, Image.  Ivy says, regarding Issue #2: Simply one of the best action sequences in any comic in the history of the medium. END OF ARGUMENT.

Mike Allred.  FF*.

Jeff Lemire.  Trillium, Vertigo. Upside-down space romance + time travel!

Mike Norton. The Answer!, Dark Horse.  Norton & (Mike) Hopeless & Librarians & Puzzles & Superheroes & Insanity. (Sarah & Ivy)



Trillium.  Jeff Lemire, Vertigo. Eight issues. Lemire drives us all insane with a plot so twisty and turny you literally have to rotate the book to understand it.

The Wake.  Scott Snyder, Vertigo. Ten Issues. Unknown underwater songs from prehistoric shark-men. Nail bitingly intense. In issue #5 Snyder drops one of the most killer cliffhangers EVER.

Sex Criminals.  Matt Fraction & Chip Zdarsky, Image*. Not for kids. (Ivy, Sarah, Titus)

Five Ghosts. Frank Barbiere, Image. WAS a Five issue mini, NOW an ongoing!  Fabian Gray is possessed by five literary ghosts and can tap into and use their skills, at a price.  (Martinez, Titus)

East of West. Jonathan Hickman, Image. (Titus, Martinez)

Battle of the Atom.  Marvel, Ten issue Crossover.  Beast goes to the past to get the Original X-Men and brings them to the present so they can prevent the horrible future that awaits them.  Everything works out fine!

Rat Queens.  Kurtis J. Weibe, Image.  Like playing Dungeons & Dragons with the raunchiest, drunkest, crassest bunch of ladies imaginable. Hilarious and full of high-fantasy adventure.  (Titus, Ivy, Sarah)

Captain America: Castaway in Dimension Z. Rick Remender, John Romita Jr.  Stuck and desperate in Arnim Zola’s brutal alien dimension. (Duffy, Martinez, Titus)



Black Beetle: No Way Out.  Francesco Francavilla, Dark Horse. Pulpy goodness! (Martinez, Titus)

Fionna & Cake.  Rebecca Sugar, Boom.Cute gender-swapped Adventure Time story with beautiful art and text. (Martinez & Ivy)

March: Book One. Top Shelf. Congressman John Lewis’ story of civil rights activism. Illustrated by Nate Powell.  Read it! Give it to a student or other young person! ~Ivy

Battling Boy. Paul Pope, :01 First Second. *None of us have actually read this because it keeps selling out! (Titus)


Issue, Moment, Character

Negan. Walking Dead, Image. He is not simply another Governor. He grows on you. He has a code. He has Lucille. In issue #105 he has a long talk with Carl that has a lasting positive effect on him.  (Titus, Duffy)

FF Issue #6: Tong finds a dress! (Sarah)

FF Issue #10: Allred & Fraction break the 4th wall – plus, there’s a Macro-Micro-Tiger. (Ivy & Titus)

Sex Criminals #2.  Image. Sex store fun! (Titus)

Sex Criminals #3.  Image. All the issues of Sex Criminals have been solid gold, but pick up this one for the royalty-free Queen song/dance montage and the off-brand faceless nightmare Morrissey. (Sarah & Ivy)

Hawkeye #3.  Told from the perspective of Pizza Dog.

Daredevil #26: Daredevil punches cancer!

Uncanny X-Men #15: Girls’ Night Out! Emma looking disheveled. (Sarah, Titus, Ivy)

Saga #9 Letters Column. Image.  Even though it was only two weeks into the year, I knew after reading this it would be one of my favorite pieces of literature all year. ~Sarah

Locke & Key: Alpha #2 – Finale.  Joe Hill, IDW.  (Titus)

Sweet Tooth #40 – Final issue.  Jeff Lemire, Vertigo.  One of the all-time best endings to a series. ~Titus   (Titus, Sarah)