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Ladies & Non-Binary Night!

Ladies-Night-smallerThird Thursday  7p – 10p



Join us in for a discussion of all things comics, games, and pop culture!

Don’t know a lot about comics? This is a good place to start!

Aren’t comfortable around people? Us, too! We’ll all be awkward together.


Trans or Cis Ladies & Non-Binary People age 16+ are welcome
to join us for a private hang-out in the Danger Room!


Nope, we won’t be hurtful or unkind to those not present.
We’re just providing a place people to speak freely
in an environment that fosters understanding and education. However,
discourteous behavior is not welcome.


Nope, offering L+NB Night does not imply that our shop is usually unfriendly or that it’s oK for anyone to be uncomfortable in it, ever.
We’re simply designating a time when people with these traits can come together to talk & learn about topics relevant to their interests.


Can we only talk about women’s issues during Ladies & NB Night?
Absolutely not!

Book Club is 4th Thursday and we have other Shop Events.
and there’s pretty much always somebody in the shop who is willing to engage
in reasonable conversation.


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Recommended Reading for Ladies & Non-Binary Night:

I Kill Giants, Image – Joe Kelly (graphic novel)

X:Men God Loves, Man Kills – Chris Claremont & Brent Anderson (graphic novel)

Rat Queens, Image – Kurtis J. Wiebe & Roc Upchurch (ongoing series; Vol 1 $10)

Red Sonja, Dynamite – Gail Simone (ongoing series; Vol 1 $17)

Saga, Image – Brian K Vaughn & Fiona Staples (ongoing series; Vol 1 $10)

Captain Marvel (2012, 2014) – Kelly Sue Deconnick

Sex Criminals, Image – Matt Fraction & Chip Zdarsky (ongoing series; Vol 1 $10)

Ms. Marvel – G. Willow Wilson