Ladies! Women! Comics!

    Do you know a girl, a woman, a sister, a wife, a friend who wants to read comics by female creators and/or featuring strong female character?  The books below are all female-friendly recommended good reads! All of these books shipped new on August 14, 2013 and are in no particular order.


Saga #13, Image –  Fiona Staples (art) – Now that you’ve read the first two bestselling collections of SAGA, you’re all caught up and ready to jump on the ongoing train with Chapter Thirteen, beginning an all-new monthly sci-fi/fantasy adventure, as Hazel and her parents head to the planet Quietus in search of cult romance novelist D. Oswald Heist. 2013 Eisner Award Winner Best New Series, Best Ongoing Series, Best Writer.

saga 13

Saga #13 – Art by Fiona Staples

Fearless Defenders NOW Vol 1 TP: Doom MaidensNew team! New villains! Valkyrie and Misty Knight are the Fearless Defenders, and not since Power Man and Iron Fist has an unlikely duo kicked this much – well, you know. Collecting FEARLESS DEFENDERS #1-6.

Fearless Defenders #8 – New costume! New arc! Misty kicked ass in Valkyrie’s world, now it’s time to see how Valkyrie fairs in Misty’s. Guest staring Elsa Bloodstone!

My Little Pony Digest Vol 1, IDW – Written by Katie Cook. This special digest-sized collection of ‘Friendship is Magic’ stories takes you into the land of Equestria and introduces all the main characters: Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity. Read along as their tales unfold in the two-part ‘The Return of Queen Chrysalis.’

Batgirl #23Gail Simone. The new “Batgirl: Wanted” epic begins here, as Commissioner Gordon must track down his son’s murderer-who happens to be his daughter! But has Barbara already given up the Bat?  **Batgirl has been consistently good since the New 52! The first graphic novel collection is available now!**

Batgirl #23

Batgirl #23. Written by Gail Simone.


Avengers Assemble NOW: Science Bros TPKelly Sue Deconnick. Two scientists, two giant egos. One wears a tank – one is a tank. Tony Stark and Bruce Banner are science bros! Plus: a major turning point in the life of the android Avenger known as the Vision! Collecting AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #9-13 and ANNUAL #1.  **Kelly Sue Deconnick is a powerful writer who is making her mark on the industry. Avengers Assemble follows the continuity of the Marvel Movies, so this is good for newer readers!**

Amelia Cole and the Unknown World, IDW.  Amelia Cole lives in two worlds-literally. One runs on magic; the other is built on technology. When the barriers between both worlds start to break down, Amelia and her Aunt Dani must take extreme action. It’s the start of a whole new world in adventure, magic, and excitement as Amelia Cole steps forward to do what she knows is right, even when the consequences might be wrong.

Red Sonja #2, DynamiteGail Simone.  The thrilling re-imagining of the greatest female sword and sorcery hero ever created continues.

red sonja #2

Red Sonja #2. Words by Gail Simone. Subscriber Cover by Stephanie Buscema.


Mind the Gap #12, Image – ‘OUT OF BODIES,’ Part Two Elle’s shattered mind stitches back together with an unexpected twist- the FULL memory of her attack! Meanwhile, someone realizes they have played a far more integral role in Elle’s situation than they knew. Plus ‘The Fifth’ is revealed! The two-part arc wraps up, setting the stage for the most unexpected twist yet!

X-Files: Season 10 #1 2nd Printing, IDW -AND Issue #3 –  Because, Scully. Reads just like the TV show. (I do all the voices in my head while I’m reading.)