Ladies’ Night Statement of Intent from TCBS

TCBS Ladies’ Night was created specifically to provide a safe space
for gender queer, trans, and cisgender women to share their experiences
and learn from each other.


We are here to educate, inform, and empower. We are here to gain understanding of other perspectives. We are here to be the friends that every woman needs.

We encourage everyone to be open, frank, and honest,
though we must also be considerate of others when doing so.

Please know you have a safe, supportive group that will
respect your opinions and your voice at all times.


Sometimes our discussions can become a bit deep, perhaps
a little overwhelming. Occasionally tempers may flare for a moment.
Words might be spoken in haste and without empathy.

We do our best to moderate these interactions –
To redirect to a positive focus, suggest alternative phrasing,
and offer another viewpoint.

If we are remiss in addressing a situation, please feel comfortable speaking up yourself or bringing it to our attention.


No one should ever feel threatened, unsafe, or unwelcome.

If at any time you feel uncomfortable you should feel safe and free to say so,
no questions asked.

For those of us who are more reserved and less comfortable expressing themselves, much less to a loud room of passionate women, this is your opportunity to be heard!

It can be difficult to find the courage to speak up against a vocal opposition,
but that is when it is most important that you do.

Although we can get rowdy and intense, we will yield to a concerned friend.

Simply say, “Hey, I’m not cool with this,” or “Um, can we change the topic, please?”

Even if you don’t know what to do with them, it’s still vital to say, “I have feelings about this.”


The Comic Book Shop! gang wants all of you to feel at home here.
If it doesn’t feel like that for you, please let us know!!
You can email us, send a Facebook message, or pull us aside and ask for a time to sit down and talk about it.

Sometimes the solution won’t be clear right away or simple to do,
but we have to know or we won’t be able to do better.


With Care and Appreciation, Sarah, Amy, & Ariel