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Kids’ Club!

TCBSKIDSCLUB cropped smYoung readers age 8+are welcome to join us
for a friends & fun in the Danger Room!

Second Thursday of the Month – 4p to 6p



Kids get 25% off Graphic Novels ALL DAY on Second Thursdays!


Kids’ Club is a group for children ages 8+  who would like to learn
more about the world of comics, share their comic reading experiences,
and respectfully engage other readers while having fun!

  As with all our community events, Kids’ Club is casual yet structured, informative, and offers lots of opportunities to ask questions. We feature a variety of activities, crafts, and additional programming. We’re always evolving, so let us know what  you’d like to see us do!


Parents, please stay to observe and learn.

We are not a childcare professionals and are not responsible for anything except having a good time!


Some questions we might ask at Kids’ Club:

What kinds of comics do you like reading?  Adventure? Science Fiction? Funny Animals?

When do you usually read?  Before bed? On the weekends?

Do you have a favorite character?  What do you like about them?  Personality? Powers? Costume?


  *Drop-ins are welcome! It is not necessary to stay for the entire time.
Please consider your child’s attention span.

**Kids’ Club may occasionally move days due to other shop events.
Please check back here for updates and sign up for the Kids’ Club Newsletter!*

Kids at Spinner

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