Kids’ Club: Summer 2017: Roleplaying Adventure Campaign! Thursdays 4p-5p, through 8.10.17

Kids’ Club: Summer Edition 2017:

Roleplaying Adventure Campaign!


Thursday June 15th – Thursday August 10th, 4p-5p

Everyone loves grand adventures like Lord of the Rings and Bone,
and everyone loves getting into character and acting out your part so we’re doing
a thing sort of somewhat like that.
In a fantasy world, the group will go on an adventure exploring dungeons, fighting monsters, and collecting treasures, guided by Joe & Brian. The kids will have to decide
what to do when they face challenges – and every choice they make determines
what happens next!
The first step will be for everyone to choose what type of character they want to be, what skills or abilities they have, what kind of accessories or equipment they might carry, etc.

We encourage you to dress and talk like your character, and to bring some props
to help act out the campaign (please do not bring weapons).


Some examples of character types and their skills:
WIZARD- uses magic, spells (Gandalf)
ROGUE- sneaky, stealthy, fast (the good parts of Catwoman)
RANGER- perceptive, ranged weapons (Legolas)
WARRIOR- larger, stronger, armored, uses handheld weapons (Wonder Woman) (character only – please do not bring weapons)
DRUID- connection with plants & animals, healer, nature-based magic (the good parts of Poison Ivy & Animal Man)


Kids’ Club is generally suited for kids 8+ and their guardians.

*It’s oK if you miss the first meet-up,
and it’s oK if you don’t make it to every one.


All Welcome, Just Be Nice!