Kids’ Club: 11.13.14 Thursday 4p-6p

Second Thursday between 4PM and 6PM

Comics & Fun in the Danger Room!


November 13th, 2014


Video Game Guest Recap!

We had some incredible guests last month so we want to hear your thoughts on the event!  Mandi, Philip, and Chris have agreed to return in the spring.

What can we do to prepare for their return visit? Have you used any of the guidance they gave you? Would you like to learn something different next time?


Customize Your Kids’ Club Folder!

You’ve got handouts! You’ve got notes! Keep them safe in a folder!
Make your folder cool like you!

We’ll provide a plain manilla folder for every kid, parents, too!

You can bring old comics & magazines, posters, stickers, whatever is flat and thin to glue to the folder. We’ll have old comics & such here for you to use, too.


Share Your Characters!

This time we’re going to start with hearing about each others’ creations.
We love hearing each character and story and helping them develop!  If you’ve got something to share or want help, this is your time to ask!