June TEEN TIME *Special Day* Sunday, June 21st: I KILL GIANTS by Joe Kelly & JM Ken Nimura

I Kill Giants

Usually TEEN TIME meets on Second Sundays, but this month we’ll meet on THIRD Sunday – June 21st!

This month’s Book Club book is I KILL GIANTS by Joe Kelly & JM Ken Nimura. It is a deeply moving and powerful story about a young girl who battles her way through personal difficulties with the use of her mighty hammer.

The TCBS family treasures I Kill Giants as one of our most beloved books that everyone should read.

Since Sunday, June 21st is Father’s Day, we encourage dads to read the book, too, and participate in our Book Club discussion!

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Barbara Thorson is a quick-witted, sharp-tongued middle schooler who isn’t afraid of anything. After all, she carries an ancient Norse Warhammer in her purse and kills giants for a living. Barbara lives with one foot firmly in fantasy and the other in a difficult reality. She struggles to conquer monsters both real and imagined as her carefully constructed world crumbles at the feet of giants bigger than any one teen can handle.
Called “Best Indy Book of 2008” by IGN. Collects I Kill Giants #1-7.