Joe Kelly: Man of Action! Signing May 31st, 2014 & Adam WarRock Show After!

Joe Kelly is a Man of Action!

I Kill Giants writer, Ben 10 co-creator, Disney XD producer!


We are honored to host Mr. JOE KELLY on

SATURDAY MAY 31st     11A – 3P

** PLUS **

Stay after the signing for a set from our favorite
Hip-Hop Nerd Rapper ADAM WARROCK!


 Joe’s visit coincides with the release of the 5th Anniversary edition of
I Kill Giants, a modern classic that in which a young girl overcomes emotional trauma through escapism, baseball, and a giant hammer.


 I Kill Giants Fifth Anniversary Edition is ON SALE for 25% off through 5.31!


 Join us for Book Club on Thursday May 29th to discuss I Kill Giants!


Joe will also be joining us at the store from 7p-8p on Friday May 30th
for a portion of our Second Ever Ladies’ Night meet up!

 I Kill Giants Fifth Anniversary Editon

Joe Kelly Talks Escapism, Loss, and D&D for “I Kill Giants” Fifth Anniversary

Also be sure to check out the track “I Kill Giants” by nerdcore rapper and friend of the shop Adam WarRock!

I Kill Giants track

Having written longstanding series for major publishers (Deadpool, Justice League Elite), producing creator-owned comics, supervising  the Marvel Universe programming for kids on the Disney XD station, he is most notably recognized for his work with JM Ken Niimura on Image Comics’ I Kill Giants.

 JOE KELLY broke into the comics industry in 1995 as the first successful “graduate” of the STAN-HATTAN PROJECT, a writing workshop conducted as a joint venture between MARVEL COMIC and NEW YORK UNIVERSITY’S Department of Dramatic Writing. Joe’s flair for dialogue and characterization captured the attention of Marvel editors, not to mention his snappy attire and icy blue eyes that pierce a man’s soul with but a glance.