January TEEN TIME Book Club: WE CAN NEVER GO HOME Vol 1 TP! Sunday 1.10.16 at 12:30pm

 Considerate teens age 13+are welcome to join us for a

private hang-out in the Danger Room!

12:30p – 2p on the Second Sunday of the Month

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January Book Club: We Can Never Go Home

The story of two teenagers, a mixtape, a stolen car, a fully loaded .45,
strange abilities, dead drug dealers, and their money. A dark and modern story about getting lost and finding yourself on the backroads of America.


*** A Word About WCNGH and Reading With Your Teen ***

We Can Never Go Home explores some mature situations & themes pertinent to teenage life including consequences of actions, family/home life relationships, and wanting to fit in.
This series includes both violent and sexual situations. We’ll discuss these topics in a respectful manner and engage our teens to openly share their thoughts in our safe space.
At Teen Time our goal is to introduce new and familiar concepts and examine their effect on our lives and on how we consume media.
As with any book in our shop, we are always happy to discuss the content and themes in order to help you determine if the book is right for you and your teens.



(W) Matthew Rosenberg, Patrick Kindlon (A) Josh Hood (CA) Michael Walsh

“A well worn mixtape, a stolen convertible, a duffel bag full of cash, a fully loaded .45,
and super-powers. 17 and on the run is the only way to see America right.”
Navigating the halls of high school is never easy. And for teenage outcast Duncan and popular girl Madison things are even harder. They share a secret — they can do things other people can’t. But their abilities and need for secrecy take them down a dangerous path. After making a terrible and deadly mistake they are left with no choice.
They have to leave and never come back.
A blend of crime road stories like True Romance & Badlands, coming of age tales like
Pretty In Pink & Ghost World, and “outcast kids against the world” books like Runaways &
Deadly Class, We Can Never Go Home is a new chance to fall in love with the doomed misfits and the dreamers who set off to find something bigger.
We Can Never Go Home is the debut creator-owned book from writers
Matthew Rosenberg (12 Reasons To Die / co-writer on Ghostface Killah’s new LP 36 Seasons), Patrick Kindlon (hit webcomic Menu / upcoming OGN The Urn),
and artist Josh Hood (JLA: Scary Monsters, Venom).

Collecting We Can Never Go Home #1-5.

Each month’s Book Club Book is 25% off for the entire month!



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