January Book Club: THE WAKE by Scott Snyder & Sean Murphy 1.22.15

The Comic Book Shop Book Club –

Because Reading Comics is Better with Friends!


Thursday January 22  at 7pm

What is it about the horror genre that is so intriguing?
More of the best books on the shelves have a dark and thrilling vibe, so it’s natural that you’d ask for more to read for Book Club!

You may recognize writer Scott Snyder from his monumental New 52 BATMAN series or the recently wrapped SUPERMAN UNCHAINED series with Jim Lee!!

Like non-sparkly vampires?  Pick up Snyder’s creator-owned series from Vertigo, AMERICAN VAMPIRE, which sees a new breed evolve in 1920s America and features back-up stories from horror legend Stephen King!
Listen to Paperkeg Podcast review American Vampire Vol 1!

For an unsettling story that reads like a classic horror film, get your hands on Snyder’s SEVERED, a seven issue graphic novel available in trade paperback or bookshelf-worthy hardcover.


Pick up The Wake during January for 25% off!

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You like to read comics. You like to think about comics. You like to know what other people think about comics. Come think and talk about comics with us.

We will be comic reading friends!