Insta-Con 2014 Programming Schedule!

Head to the lower level of the library to check out these

great panels and workshops!

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Understanding Comics:
Learning How to Read Pictures and See Words

by Sarah & Titus of The Comic Book Shop!

mccloud 2

From “Understanding Comics” by Scott McCloud


The Comic Book Was Better: Expectations of Readers and Viewers on Film Adaptations of Graphic Novels

by University of Delaware doctoral candidate Kyle Meikle


We do not speak of this.


Costuming and Cosplay for Beginners:
Basics, Tips, and Having a Good Attitude

by BTML Teens Hilary & Tammy

Wonder Woman .


KickStarter & Self-Publishing: How to Get Your Comics Made

by Justin Piatt, co-creator of Super!



Star Wars Trivia  1p – 3p