Inhumanity! Read it!

inhumanity #1

Inhumanity is here!

Marvel’s newest event has started this week, with fan-favorite writer Matt Fraction and awesome artist Olivier Coipel taking on the Inhumans!

“But I hate events! They’re just the Big Two trying to take my money by making me buy a bunch of tie-in books I don’t normally read!”

Well, you may want to reconsider for this one.

It opens up with the character Fraction is probably most famous for writing — good old Clint Barton himself — taking down Karnak of the Inhumans with an electrified arrow. We learn that Atillan has fallen, and that Inhumans are being awakened all over earth. The captured Karnak gives the Avengers the details of Attilan’s destruction and the reason why seemingly normal people are turning Inhuman– I’ll stop here to avoid spoilers, but let me just say that the secrets Karnak reveals are pretty shocking and involve some of the biggest players in the Marvel Universe.

What’s great about Inhumanity is that it isn’t some bombastic shoot ’em punch ’em Event Book, but is told in a way that is really more like old-school Noir movie: we’re getting pieces of a puzzle and I’m excited to see how Fraction puts them together in future issues.

While Inhumanity #1 is pretty good at filling in some of the blanks new readers may have missed, those wanting a refresher on the Inhumans should check out the excellent Inhumans book by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee, available at the shop!

Did you read Inhumanity? Tell us what you thought!

– Ivy