Inhuman, Inhumanity, Inhuman…ness?

Inhumanity! Inhuman! What’s The Deal?


Inhumanity #1 – Matt Fraction & Olivier Coipel. One-shot.

Explains who the Inhumans are, what happened when the Terrigen Bomb exploded, and what it means for the Inhuman Royal family. Ships 12.4.13.


Inhumanity #1: Medusa – Matt Fraction & Nick Bradshaw. One-shot.

Her kingdom is destroyed, her king is dead, and her people’s population just exploded. What’s a queen with prehensile hair to do? Ships 1.29.14.


Inhumanity #1: Spider-Man – Christos Gage & Stephanie Hans. One-shot.

Attilan has crashed out of the sky into New York City. In the chaos, the Superior Spider-Man discovers that super powers aren’t all it takes to be Superior. Ships 1.15.14.


Inhumanity: Awakening #1 & #2 – Matt Kindt

Avengers Academy kids and Jean Grey School students are on the scene of new Inhumans that are awakening! Ships 12.11.13 and 1.8.14.


Inhuman Ongoing Series “After the Fall” – Matt Fraction & Joe Mad. POSTPONED.

Attilan, the capital city of the Inhumans, has fallen. Thousands of people across the globe have been transformed by the Terrigen Bomb into a new generation of Inhumans. New powers, no leader, no idea what’s going on.


*Plus Assorted Tie-In Issues!*