Superstorm Sandy Relief Effort @ The Comic Book Shop – You Can Help!

SUPERSTORM SANDY RELIEF EFFORT: Non-Perishable Food and Supplies Needed

Watching the devastation from Hurricane Sandy on TV is bad enough. Personally knowing people in the middle of all that makes it even harder. Not knowing how to help makes it worse.

So my dad is making trips to Long Island to deliver goods to help friends of his – people we know – and their neighbors who lost EVERYTHING in the storm. Everything includes their house and a comfortable daily life for some time to come. If you are interested and able, please contribute non-perishable food and supplies which will be personally delivered to displaced victims in great need.

We’re asking primarily for dry and canned food donations, packs or cans of coffee, dry creamer, cereal, aspirin and/ or OTC pain relievers – essentially the stuff you’d miss if you were in that position. Nothing that will spoil, please. You can drop off to The Shop anytime during regular hours.

Please give what you can – even if it’s a can of vegetables or a package of Ramen noodles. We will also accept cash or gift card donations because so many other kinds of items will be needed.  Absolutely all donations will be given to the Forgaz family and their neighboring hurricane victims.

The first relief run will be made this Saturday, Nov. 10, another one on the 16th.

Thanks all.  You’re the best,

Sarah and Patrick